Florida Lottery Issues RFP For Market Research, and Analysis

Florida Lottery Issues RFP For Market Research, Analysis and Related Commodities and Services


Section 24.105(8), Florida Statutes authorizes the Lottery to “[c]onduct such market research as is necessary or appropriate, which may include an analysis of the demographic characteristics of the players of each lottery game and an analysis of advertising, promotion, public relations, incentives, and other aspects of communications.”

Consistent with this provision the specific goal of this Solicitation is to establish a multi‐year Agreement (refer to Attachment A, section 1.3: Term) for market research and analysis services, and related commodities and services, in order to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Maximize Lottery contributions to the State of Florida Educational Enhancement Trust Fund;
  2. Promote growth in the Lottery’s product and revenue;
  3. Obtain market research and analysis services, and related commodities and services, that will meet the needs of the Lottery for the term of resulting Agreements and any renewals;
  4. Select a Contractor who will support the Lottery in its mission by providing timely, accurate, and valid market research and analysis services (as set forth in Attachment A) that will serve as a sound basis for Lottery decisions.
  5. Select a Contractor that has a demonstrated performance history of meeting and/or exceeding its clients’ expectations, conducting market research, analysis, and delivering related commodities and services, and that will provide best value to the Lottery.


The Florida Lottery (the “Lottery”) is a unique state agency that functions as an entrepreneurial enterprise to generate funds for the enhancement of public education, and that was created to allow the people of the state to benefit from significant additional monies for education while playing the best lottery games available. Consistent with this, it is the mission of the Florida Lottery to maximize revenues in a manner consonant with the dignity of the state and welfare of its citizens. The Florida Lottery Overview provides information about the Lottery’s contributions to education, game information, retailer base, and sales goals. Additional information about the Lottery including, but not limited to, the Lottery’s Spring 2012 Market Segmentation Study, may be obtained by visiting its website at: www.flalottery.com.

Scope of Work:

Market research, analysis and related commodities and services to be provided by the Contractor, under the prospective Agreement include:

  1. Account management;
  2. Tracking study;
  3. Lottery player research panel or community;
  4. Lottery retailer research panel;
  5. Market segmentation framework & study;
  6. In‐depth studies of player and retailer reactions to proposed games or policies;
  7. System & technical capabilities (i.e., on‐line portal);
  8. Multi‐lingual commodities and services;
  9. Data reporting;
  10. Reports, as requested or specified by the Lottery;
  11. Collaboration/communication with other Lottery Contractors;
  12. Business recovery;

Due Date:

May 22nd, 2018


Florida Lottery

Procurement Management

250 Marriott Drive

Tallahassee, Florida 32301


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