Five Awesome Marketing Agencies to Follow on Instagram

Five Awesome Marketing Agencies to Follow on Instagram

You know you want to know what five of the most awesome PR Instagram accounts you should be watching and following! By no means does five even skim the top, but here are five we found that help stretch the imagination and show just what can be done when you’ve got “game.”

In no particular order…

TBWA Worldwide: @tbwa

TBWA has 325 offices in 97 countries. They are marketing specialists, and they like to call their style of Instagramming – “Disruptagram.” They boast over 76,000 followers. Though most of the offices have their own separate Instagram accounts, the worldwide office leads the way, but they do it by having one of the network offices take charge for a week, and then move on to another office. This makes certain everyone has input as well as posts being different from one week to the next. According to Jenna Hollmeyer the PR Manager for the worldwide office, this practice encourages some competitive creativity with each office trying to outdo the one(s) from previous weeks.

Huge: @hugeinc

Huge doesn’t skimp on the photography. All visuals are high-quality and presented for graphic design inspiration as well as a few daily snaps of what’s happening at the office. They currently have over 71K followers for the creative efforts often spotlighting what is happening nearby or local scenery. This account can give you a close-up view of life in a top agency.

Skirt PR: @skirtpr

Skirt is based in Chicago, and they are a boutique firm specializing in event management, public relations, and social media for building brands’ public images. If a top-notch party is what you want, Skirt can make it just what you want or more. If you love the color pink, you’ll love their posts, because pink features strongly in at least their recent pics. Check out their site or join the more than 12K already following them.

The Martin Agency: @martinagency

Here you will find a wide array of subject pictures including puppy pics, throwback ads, and office happenings. Beyond that, if you love tattoos, you can check out ones their agency members have by searching their unique hashtag #martinattuesday. If you want to just search their general work, they use #martindoes on their site, and many of their employees use the hashtag as well. They currently have nearly 13K followers and have worked with well-known clients such as Oreos, Dunkin’ Donuts, Haines, and TIAA.

SPARK: @sparkbrand

With over 4.2K followers, Spark brings a creative group together to show behind the scenes fun and creation working with such clients as The Dali Museum, Hilton, Texas Children’s Hospital, and Coppertail. If you enjoy studying and learning from graphic design done well, you’ll like this account.

So, there you have a list of five great PR, marketing, and communications sites you can learn from and enjoy.

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