Fort Worth Transportation Authority Seeking Communications and Marketing Firm

Fort Worth Transportation Authority Seeking Communications and Marketing Firm

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide support for FWTA’s ongoing and future governmental relations and communications efforts.

The selected company will work closely with FWTA’s Governmental Relations and Communications staff and will meet with staff for regularly scheduled meetings to develop a comprehensive plan of action. The selected firm will track and report legislation, measure and report on political narrative, identify decision makers and bolster support, identify new potential target service areas, provide legislative support, analyze social media trends and provide feedback on social media activity.


The Fort Worth Transportation Authority is a regional transportation authority of the State of Texas, created pursuant to Chapter 452, Transportation Code of Texas and confirmed by a public referendum on November 8, 1983. The FWTA provides public transportation services within the city limits of Fort Worth, Richland Hills and Blue Mound. Such services include fixed bus routes, mobility impaired transportation service (MITS), carpool/vanpool services and commuter rail (Trinity Railway Express, (Trinity Railway Express). A one-half of one percent ($.0050) sales tax is dedicated to supporting the FWTA’s public transportation program. The FWTA is also the recipient of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) capital grants and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality grants.

The FWTA is governed by an 11 member Board of appointed officials. Eight Board members are appointed by the Fort Worth City Council and 3 Board members are appointed by the County Commissioners Court, in accordance with Subchapter N., Sec. 452.562 (c) – (f) of the Transportation Code. The Board sets policy through standing and ad hoc committees, and establishes broad business goals and policies for management. The President & Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board, and is responsible for implementation of Board policies and day-to-day operations of the FWTA.

Scope of Work:

a) In collaboration with existing public affairs, communications and marketing leadership, develop comprehensive and strategic public affairs, communications and marketing protocols as they pertain to community engagement, public perception and social media influence

  • Work with FWTA leadership and staff to develop a strategic communications and marketing plan to develop long-range marketing goals and implementation strategies to assist FWTA with retaining existing and attracting new riders/customers
  • Establish incremental goals, with the first one occurring after three months and quarterly thereafter.

b) Assist in establishing integrated marketing communications: advertising, social media, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing

  • Propose specific suggestions for integrating efforts beyond what is currently in place.
  • Suggest options on how to use integrated efforts to advance goals.

c) Provide monitoring of issues and strategic communications pertaining but not limited to:

  • Traffic information reaction and sentiment within the community and in social media
  • Political trends in the region as it pertains to transportation initiatives
  • Social media influence as it pertains to legislative issues such as transportation topics during the 85th  Texas Legislative Session
  • Corridor customers overall sentiment and analysis towards projects
  • Influence measurement via Facebook and Twitter analysis of emerging issues
  • FWTA’s opposing actions and other initiatives/issues surrounding transportation, connectivity and continued population growth
  • Conversations owned by FWTA, which may include but not limited to @TheTFortWorth, #MasterPlanInAction, #RideTheT, #FWTA, #MollytheTrolley, #TheT, #TRE and #TEXRail
  • Social media consultations about transportation, especially as it pertains to FWTA

d) Provide regular (schedule to be determined upon engagement) reporting, data insight, key performance indicators (KPI’s) and counsel on communication and mitigation strategies (reporting and counsel may increase or decrease dependent upon issue intensity and activity)

  • Recommend course of action options to re-direct conversations in the community and/or among legislative representatives

e) Identify core issues derived from intelligence and develop materials that can be used to advocate on behalf of FWTA leadership, staff spokespeople and other stakeholders, to include but not limited to:

  • Issue focused message platform
  • Key messages, talking points
  • Questions and answers
  • Opposition research
  • Meeting preparation   (media,       community,         board,        neighborhood   association, community organizations, etc.)

f) Through monitoring and analysis, provide recommendations to FWTA leadership to help define social influences on consumer decision-making.

  • Propose options for integrating efforts between agency and FWTA to maximize impact.

g) Work directly with staff to provide counsel on real time posts regarding content that:

  • Address ongoing customers comments with pre-planned messages about things that matter to the customer
  • Use campaign special hashtags to promote the brand and service
  • Visually propel the FWTA brand through campaign photos, images and graphics
  • Increase visibility through digital outreach and social media

h) Provide strategic counsel on communications outreach and marketing efforts beyond social media to include but not limited to:

  • Governmental communications
  • Crisis communications
  • Community relations
  • Public involvement
  • Media relations

Due Date:

July 27, 2017


Fort Worth Transportation Authority
Attn: Kathy Bridwell, AVP, Procurement
801 Cherry Street, Suite 850
Fort  Worth, TX 76102

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