Free Digital Promotion for Small Companies

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Not every company has a big budget to spend on promotion and marketing in its early stages, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some very effective ways to get a company’s name out there and in front of its consumers. Although years ago, before the Internet, more small businesses had a handful of ways to market their products in cost-effective manners, such as sponsoring small local events or printing out flyers, these days there are a number of different opportunities online.

Listing services

Companies that register their businesses on Google places can reach more consumers easily because they’ll end up appearing on Google maps, as well as Google’s search result pages. This is an effortless way to market a business, as all it takes is filling out a necessary form and registering for the listing. Then, the business can get verified through a confirmation process, which is either done through mail or a phone call. Another big listing service is Yahoo, which has a big database of different businesses, and it only takes a few minutes to set up, similar to Google.


Starting a company blog and consistently sharing valuable and high-quality content can help the company get its name in front of its consumers, as well as create a more direct connection with those consumers. However, one of the most important things a company should keep in mind is that blogs should be updated frequently with relevant and valuable information, otherwise the blog isn’t going to contribute to the company’s promotional efforts.

Social media platforms

Social platforms aren’t just a tool that companies can use to get more exposure, because these days being present on the relevant platforms for the audience means companies can directly communicate with their consumers. That’s why these days companies should be embracing social media and treating it as an essential time investment that can help the company develop further. Companies can also tie in advertising campaigns into their promotional efforts on social media, and network with their communities and other industry people on them which can help in promoting that business.

Joining communities

These days, practically every dish has a community online that anyone can join. However, simply signing up for a forum, or joining a group on social media and sharing content every once in a while about the business won’t benefit anyone. In fact, these types of actions generally tend to annoy people and drive them away from the business. That’s why it’s important to build a rapport with that local online community and actively contribute, whether that means with content, or contributing to Industry or market conversations.

Press releases

Finally, anytime a company does something that’s relatively newsworthy, the business can send a press release to local or industry publications. Although this isn’t a guarantee that every publication will pick up on that story and talk about it, and it takes time to develop strong relationships with media outlets and journalists, sending out press releases is a bonus in terms of promoting a company.

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