Generating Attention From Press Releases

To generate more attention from a press release, there are a few things that every company needs to do when creating its press release, as well as distributing it.


Most companies find it very tempting to utilize some of the best marketing and public relations jargon that they know about when they’re creating a press release. However, this type of language doesn’t really work with most readers. That means, companies need to avoid technical terms and jargon for other things instead of a press release. Instead, companies need to utilize straightforward phrases that are able to boast, educate and inform the target audience with that press release.

Questions and answers

When done right, the press release that a company issues should be generating leads and calls from people that want to know more about the company or its solutions. That means it’s important for companies to clearly display all of their contact information on their press releases. Another important thing to think about is the people that are going to be available to answer any questions from the public that come to the company. After all, nothing is going to show that the company actually cares more about its target audience and customers than actually answering the questions or concerns that reporters or the customers might have.


Companies shouldn’t be solely relying on the various press release platforms that are available to them when they are distributing their press releases. In fact, every business should always share a copy of its press release on its business website. An even better idea would be for a company to create a dedicated section on its website, or a separate page, where any new press releases can quickly be distributed to the public. The reason behind this is that potential customers get to access the information they need directly from the source, which means they are easily able to click over to the contact or product pages on the website. Additionally, another reason why companies need to share their press releases on their websites is so that any journalist doesn’t have to track down the latest news updates that the company has previously shared when creating a news story.


Press releases are simply short stories that should explain the news update that the company has in an interesting and captivating manner. The reason why many white papers and case studies tend to be quite popular with audiences and media outlets is that they’re able to tell a story that the readers can easily understand and adapt to their own situations with the results that have been presented to them. That’s why, when a company develops a press release, it needs to think about how it’s able to make its target audience happy with its existence, or its solutions, what sets it apart from all of its market competitors, and anything else that might pique the interest of the readers.

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