Generating Content With Google Search Trends

With Google constantly changing its algorithm, companies constantly have to stay on top of the current shifts in order to keep ranking high in the search engine’s results pages (SERPs).  The search engine is great at delivering important information and resources regarding search engine optimization (SEO). This info can also be obtained through guides and the annual Search Trends report.  Companies that want to get a competitive advantage should be using all available tools to access this information.  The Google Search Trends report can be a useful way for businesses to get a better understanding of consumers’ search habits. It can help give companies  content ideas too. Google publishes its Search Trends report every year, and companies can  explore every search volume with a number of different search features and filters.

Search Terms and Angles

One of the ways that companies can utilize the Google Search Trends report is to find a popular user search query that relates to a company’s niche, and then to create a content plan that addresses that query. Plenty of companies tend to focus on current trends or evergreen topics when creating blog posts, but many topics and subjects have been covered by different businesses over and over throughout the years.  With the report, companies can find new ways to interest the target audience with content. The report also brings the added benefit of a breakdown of searches according to different topics. When a company is able to align the interests of its target audience with a popular query, it offers that audience a fresh perspective on the subject, and increases the visibility of that content.


Companies can also use the Google Search Trends report to figure out which terms or queries resonate with audiences. The report also gives the visibility of various terms. The report can measure how prominent each term is in different locations. With this info, then companies can build a content strategy that includes the type of content that resonates with different search queries. The report also provides users with a section called “Related Topics”, which gives companies an even better idea of which topics their content can cover and target.


Over 40% of all US consumers are Generation Z: the youngest demographic, and the one that includes a third of the global population. Companies that don’t consider how to communicate with this massive and tech-savvy audience are losing out on loyal customers. The Google Search Trends report can be used by companies to identify topics that resonate with this young group of consumers in particular. It can thus be used to ensure that a company’s content pieces resonate with this age group. This is fairly easy for most companies to achieve, as all it takes is creating personalized, interactive and visually appealing content.

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