Generating Leads With QR Codes

Aside from having a user-friendly business website,  many companies are looking for other ways to use mobile marketing in lead generation . After a company creates its own website and optimizes it for mobile users, there are a number of mobile tools it can use to attract new customers. One of the easiest tools to use is QR codes, which are square barcodes that can be scanned with smartphones. Practically everyone with a smartphone uses QR codes these days to engage with businesses. The implementation of QR codes is relatively new for many businesses, but it’s still familiar for many given the number of local companies that use it. There are plenty of examples of effective use of QR codes by businesses. These include providing smartphone access to restaurant menus, wifi, instruction manuals,  contact information, and promotional content for events.

Creating a QR Code

Creating a QR requires creating a landing page that’s optimized for mobile users, and copying the URL of the landing page into a QR code generator. There are plenty of QR code generators available online, and all it takes to create a code is pasting a link, which the generator turns into a unique code that the business can save. QR codes can be used alongside any of a company’s promotional materials.


The next step in using QR codes for lead generation is getting the word out. Since there isn’t a point in launching any sort of QR code campaign if a business doesn’t let its consumers know about it, the message should be broadcast on any social media channels available. That way, companies can let as many people as possible know about the QR code and the associated promotion .

Use Options

There are plenty of different ways that companies can use QR codes as part of their promotional or lead generation strategies. Those ways include adding a QR code to a company’s business website, through which  visitors can download the company’s contact information directly to their phones by scanning the code. There’s also the option to add a QR code to a business card so that people can easily find contact information. A great way to keep audiences engaged during events is to include a QR code as part of a presentation, or to promote the QR code to a company’s social media channels. There’s also the option to give potential consumers special discounts through QR codes. This can take them to the next stage of their buying journey.


Since consumers expect everything to work relatively smoothly, it’s important to test QR codes before they are promoted to the public.  It’s important for businesses to remember that QR codes are just one way that they can engage potential consumers, and that they’re not actually the last step in the buying journey. That means they should be used to generate leads and keep people coming back for more.

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