Generating Positive Results With Optimized Websites

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The cornerstone of digital marketing efforts are websites that are fully optimized both for search engines and for user experience. To get the best possible results, companies have to continuously update and optimize their websites in order to reach their audiences both through paid efforts and organically.

Search engine optimization

Over half of all website traffic online is derived from organic search efforts. Furthermore, over 70% of people who use their smartphones for us to look up something nearby, tend to end up visiting a business in their location that same day. What this information means for companies is that businesses that want to get more customers as soon as possible have to start ranking on search engines, and more specifically Google. Businesses can no longer simply create a website and hope that the website will rank well. In fact, according to a study, over 90% of websites don’t generate any sort of website traffic from Google.

The biggest reason behind such performance is because those websites haven’t been optimized for search engines, and any company that wants its website to rank high on search engine results pages has to do search engine optimization. That involves knowing what the target audience is searching for when trying to find the business or its solutions. This is best done by conducting keyword research which can help companies figure out what topics the potential customers are searching for before they find the business or any of its competitors. Then the company has to optimize all of its pages on its website to show to the search engine algorithm that the company’s website is the best possible result for any user that utilizes the specific keywords that the company is targeting. Finally, the company has to get other websites and people to link to the company’s website, either through outreach or organically.


To improve the performance of a company’s website, businesses have to create high-quality and valuable content that’s going to cater to the interests, needs, and pain points of the target audience, and optimize all of that content for search engines. That way, the business will be able to show any website visitor how they can solve their pain points by using the company’s solutions. Put simply, that means companies have to start mentioning or including their solution in every piece of content they publish on their website. By doing so, companies don’t have to rely on hard selling, because they’ll easily be able to talk about their solutions in a more natural way that’s not too promotional inside the content and won’t turn any potential customers away from the business.


The last thing that a company can do to generate more positive results with its website is to generate more backlinks both through outreach efforts and organically. One of the easiest and best ways for a company to do that is to find local listicles that describe some of the best solutions or companies in its industry, and then try to get included in those articles. After all, whenever a customer enters the terms “best X in Y”, which happens quite often, they tend to look for articles that will list whatever they need in a specific location. By having a business mentioned or listed in those types of articles, companies can generate a lot more website traffic, improve brand awareness, and reach new potential customers. Organically, companies can achieve this by truly being the best in their industry or niche, and alternatively, companies can reach out to the people creating those types of articles and ask if they can be included in those lists.

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