Generating Publicity and PR

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The best way for a company to communicate a powerful story that’s going to relate to its target audience is through the right public relations strategies that are going to generate publicity for that company. In fact, with the right public relations strategies, companies can also generate more brand awareness, encourage more conversions, and increase their revenue.

Public relations

According to research, over 80% of all customers actually completely ignore any digital ads that they come across online, and over 90% of those customers believe that digital ads tend to be a lot more invasive as of late compared to a few years ago. On the other hand, traditional public relations efforts and publicity tend to be perceived as a lot more genuine by target audiences, and they contribute to a company’s third-party credibility. Most people tend to be quite impressed with any publicity that companies generate, especially that publicity appears in a local publication or a very credible and authoritative outlet.


Another way that companies can generate more publicity through public relations efforts is by investing in developing meaningful relationships with the right journalists and media outlets. By cultivating these relationships, companies develop and then implement a media relations campaign that will generate a lot more positive media coverage and publicity. For a journalist or a media outlet to talk about a company, it first needs to have a degree of trust in that company. That means the journalist or media outlet needs to be familiar with the company and have some background information on it. If any of those elements are missing, any pitch or quote that a company sends out to the journalist can easily be taken out of context, which can make the company look bad in front of the public.

Journalists often reach out to a company to ask for a quote on a specific topic, and then the company provides the journalist with their quote, but the resulting article or headline might be putting the company in a negative light. Then, when the target audience looks up the company, that article can rank higher on search engine results pages. Even if that business is in no way affiliated with the potentially negative subject that’s being discussed, most people that simply scan the results pages aren’t going to know that information. That means, that as soon as they see the negative headline they are immediately going to associate that negativity with the business itself. That’s why it’s important for companies to develop relationships with journalists and media outlets as soon as possible. This is the best way for those outlets and journalists to help companies navigate any sort of communication effort, well also secure very valuable mentions in the press.

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