Get ink, Fresh Pressed PR and Others Opine on PR’s Future

In these crazy times, many experts have what to say on what the future of public relations looks like.  Here are the thoughts from some industry leaders.

Mirjam Lippuner from Get ink said, “The future of PR is a more back-to-basics approach. During the pandemic we’ve all had time to think about what is essential to our lives – and our businesses. The big elaborate plans with plenty of bells and whistles, and “out-of-the-box” ideas are a thing of the past, especially for small and m medium-sized businesses. Being locked down for so long has made us realize that we can do less and still be effective, even increase our ROI. Also, like in most other industries, web-based services that are easy to use and manage remotely for clients will pick up steam.”

Konstantinos Tsilkos from Pharmed said, “ COVID-19 and the worldwide quarantine measures have pushed many of our former day to day activities in the virtual or digital space. We order everything from groceries to our medications online, and it was projected that e-commerce would hold 22% of total retail sales by 2023. Current models predict reaching that milestone by the end of the year. Public relations firms must now find ways of navigating this deadly serious world crisis while managing to put a good face on communication with an anxiety ridden population uncertain of what is coming next.  Public relations will pivot to address this new normal by adopting the language that has sustained us through the pandemic; providing outreach and community support through social media and television. TV viewership is up over60% since the pandemic began.”

Dawn Jones of Fresh Pressed PR said, ‘”Public Relations has needed a boost to evolve for awhile now…. I think the pandemic will help us evolve into more modern technologies, practices, and strategies. PR professionals will definitely have to utilize much more than traditional media tactics to get their clients seen and heard so I think we will see a shift in the way PR is done and thought about.”

Ryan Roller of Bead the Change said, “The public relations business has had to adjust to a new way of conducting business and managing outreach. PR will need to relate to the public’s fear and uncertainty by focusing on reassurance, and being of service to the communities they represent and wish to engage. The rationale behind this renewed focus on community outreach may seem calculated, or even insensitive, but hopefully by being committed to our purpose and mission, we can drive a permanent shift in our PR culture and work as a force of good amidst these troublesome, painful times. “

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