Getting More Leads

 Getting More Leads
Getting More Leads

The pandemic taught marketers many things. One that stood out for B2B marketers is the importance of digital ads, particularly since face-to-face contact had been eliminated as an option. After pay-per-click on platforms like Google ads, digital advertising is the next logical step. 

However, digital ads offer many channels, not just for B2B marketers but also others. According to a study by video identification technology company ZEFR, consumer intent to buy rises 63% as a result of contextual ads. Knowing which are the most effective and how to leverage them are the keys. Here are five keys to generating more leads

Key 1 

Spread the net of the brand even wider. If traffic to the website is low, programmatic display ads can help. Unlike paid search plans, it’s more intelligent because it employs algorithms that automate employment of ads to targeted consumers who browse the brand’s website. 

In using platforms like LinkedIn, step back and generalize searches. Instead of focusing searches on CEOs and SVPS, back off and consider even managers and directors. Monitor results and be prepared to tighten the net as more information is gathered and more learned about the audience. 

Key 2 

By adding high performing keywords gathered from previous search campaigns, attaching contextual targeting to the brand’s programmatic campaign will increase visibility across more sites. It’s also based on user interests and raises the likelihood of consumer responses. In today’s awareness of privacy, contextual targeting helps brands avoid breaching general data protection regulations as long as the brand doesn’t collect or use any personal data. 

Key 3 

Safety and privacy are increasing consumer concerns. Brands utilizing contextual marketing also need to be aware of this and sit down with their ad tech staff or vendor to control where they appear. What’s important is drafting two site lists. One would include those sites the brand doesn’t wish their ads to appear on. The other would list the favorable ones. 

Key 4 

Use cross-platform retargeting to bring back new visitors to the brand’s site. Before launching a promotion or campaign, insert a little extra in the budget to increase brand awareness through programmatic display. Besides affording greater retargeting potential, it can also generate greater lookalike prospecting groups. Retargeting can help continue the conversation with consumers and lead to sales. 

Key 5 

When to Sell and When to Help 

Gathering leads is one thing but knowing how to follow up on them is another. For B2B companies, this can be a particularly sensitive area. After delivering potential customers to this point in the journey, the last thing brands want is to drive them away by being too aggressive. 

What’s important to determine and respond to is whether the visitor is merely seeking additional information and advice or indeed a good sales prospect. The ability to recognize the difference and respond correctly is acute. Keep in mind that answering a visitor’s question or providing them with more information can still lead to a sale. A good follow-up is key. 

If in doubt, consider these two lines from country artist Kenny Rogers’ song, “The Gambler” In 1978, “You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em.”

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