Getting More Visibility on LinkedIn

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When businesses are looking to connect with their target audiences on LinkedIn, one of the most ideal places to start is the company’s page on the platform. Between trying out video-based content and creating better posts, there are plenty of ways that businesses can get more visibility on the platform.

Using Hashtags

One of the things that a number of social media platforms have in common is the fact that content can be categorized using different hashtags . People are able to follow different hashtags on the platform, and once they do, they get any relevant content tagged with that hashtag in their newsfeed. Whenever a company uses hashtags in its content, it can increase its chances of those hashtagged posts appearing in other people’s newsfeeds, even if they’re not following or not even familiar with the business.


Another similarity between most social media platforms is the fact that companies have to share valuable content with the audience on them to get more visibility. One of the most popular types of content that is shared on LinkedIn by company pages is posts, although articles come at a close second, and are especially beneficial for more long-form content.

Although both of those features are relatively similar, and they’re easy to share on the platform, there’s an added benefit of having them appear in other places outside of LinkedIn, such as on search engines like Google. This allows companies to get even more visibility for their company page from outside of the platform.

Thought Leadership

Plenty of people have already established themselves as thought leaders on LinkedIn by sharing their personal expertise and experiences with others, which brought them a lot of visibility and followers. The same strategy can be used by companies, as they can promote their webpages by creating posts about the business itself or the industry, and sharing them with other people.

Additionally, companies can also collaborate with thought leaders that are already popular on the platform, which will improve their exposure and reach on LinkedIn. It’s relatively easy to find other businesses or individuals that companies can collaborate with, and the platform also allows company pages to tag either option too.


Very recently, LinkedIn rolled out the platform’s newsletter feature to all its users, which means that now everyone is able to create their own newsletter. These newsletters tend to be similar in appearance to articles, and they also appear in the same section.  However, there are some notable differences. With newsletters, companies can get people to sign up to them and the subscribers get a notification every time there’s a new issue of the newsletters they follow.

This is another great way that companies can get more visibility on LinkedIn, as the feature has built-in notifications. In fact, the platform also allows users to invite people to subscribe to a newsletter, and subscribers can also comment and react to each issue, as well as share it on their own news feeds.

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