Google Analytics Alternatives

There are plenty of ways that companies can analyze and measure their traffic to understand their website performance. While Google Analytics is the most common choice for many companies, it’s just one of the many other available tools that are helpful for understanding those numbers and getting to the bottom of what strategies are working.


One of the tools that companies can use to analyze website data is Matomo, which is a free and downloadable program. This tool provides businesses with detailed information on the website visitors including the pages that they’ve visited, the languages they speak, keywords they used to find the website, the files they downloaded, and even the search engine they used to find the website.

The tool is open-sourced and is quite intuitive, even for people that don’t have developer  skills, which means it’s easy to install on any company’s server. The company behind Matom also provides businesses with a paid cloud solution too, which can be hosted on the company’s own servers if a business isn’t able to host the software on its own. Some of the features that Matomo provides include importing all of the Google Analytics data to analyze, teachnig users about the types of visitors on a website and their behaviors, and ways to keep them engaged.


Another helpful tool that lets companies analyze their user interactions for both websites and mobile apps is Mixpanel. This is a platform that uses an event-based system and connects every interaction on a website or an app with individual visitors. It gives users an interactive report to get a better understanding of data through visualizations.  The program provides different dashboards for different teams that are updated in real-time along with alerts for changing metrics.

Aside from that, companies can also integrate over 50 different tools into the platforms, and integrate data from other platforms too. Not only that, but the platform can also create custom functions that can perform very sophisticated data analyses based on new or existing information.


Adobe is a company that’s famous for many of its different tools. It offers users Adobe Analytics, which is a tool in  the Adobe Experience Cloud range of solutions. The platform is a great marketing tool for companies, and can track websites along with mobile app traffic as well as the user behavior of either platform in real-time. The tool can use all of that data to create customized landing pages or product recommendations for different visitors that the company can utilize in promotional efforts.

There are a few different ways that companies can collect data with Adboe Analytics, aside from website and app usage.  The tool allows businesses to only keep track of relevant data. There’s a lot of data storage and extended reporting capabilities. Not only that, but companies can also create segmentation of that data in real-time while also integrating other types of data from different sources.

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