Government of Bermuda Seeks Social Media Agency

Government of Bermuda Seeks Social Media Agency

The Government is looking for a social media agency with a proven understanding of local stakeholders. We seek to increase the overall public awareness and value of the Government’s policies, services and programmes through strategic social media campaigns with the following outcomes in mind:

  1. Continue to enhance Government’s social media reach to become the trusted and top of mind source for anyone looking for information.
  2. Establish a strategic, comprehensive link between highlighted Government services and programmes and members of the public.


In April 2017 the department changed its name from Department of Communication and Information to the Department of Communications. The department comprises six sections: Administration, Communications (formerly Public Affairs), Creative Services, CITV (located at The Berkeley Institute), Portals Management and Customer Service Representatives (formerly Government Telephone Operators).

The Communications section is where the social media requirements will be administered. The section’s objectives are to:

  • develop and implement communications campaigns that provide accurate and timely information to relevant stakeholders about Government initiatives, services and programmes;
  • provide support, guidance and expertise to Government’s decision makers to ensure their key messages are communicated clearly; and
  • develop communications platforms where employees can learn about the organization from within the organization.

Current Marketing Activities Overview

Various media are used to communication with the public, they include but are not limited to:

  • Press conferences and press releases;
  • – is the government website which provides fast and easy access to information about government ministries, departments, services and programmes;
  • CITV – the Government television station;
  • social media – Facebook, Twitter to communication government information.

Current Social Media Overview

At this time the Government has a general presence on social media, including:

  • A Facebook account (/BermudaGovernment) – with 1,484 followers
  • A Twitter account (@bdagovernment) – with 1,592 followers

Scope of Work:

Bidders Areas of Responsibility

  • Develop ongoing content support to drive engagement.
  • Conduct a social media audit to benchmark the Government’s existing status in social media and provide clear guidelines for developing successful social media engagement strategies.
  • Provide recommendations for day-to-day community management, including required resources, initial program and asset setup, and maintenance. Responsibilities of the community manager will include:
    • Content creation, posting strategy for social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    • Develop a monthly content calendar based on information provided by the Government as well as information secured during the course of program work.
    • Real-time engagement with stakeholder groups on all platforms: Graphics support, including photos, original infographics, memes and other visual audience engagement assets for use in various social media channels. (Note that the Government has a bank of original photos suitable for this purpose.)

Due Date:

August 21, 2017.


PR firms with a strength in tourism includes Coyne PR and 5WPR.

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