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Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India desires to engage a credible professional agency as a “Social Network Management Agency” on turnkey basis to utilize the social media platform for dissemination of information and creating awareness about the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and services that are delivered under the schemes & programmes of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries.

Scope of Work:

(i)  Creation and Maintenance of Official Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google Plus and at most 3 social media tools, software which may emerge within the contract period.

(ii) Creation of relevant blog spot and forums wherein the participation of targeted audience can be invoked.

(iii) Develop facility of providing linkages of the important Web Pages as specified by the Ministry.

(iv) Set up a complete social networking management platform in English & Hindi for the MOFPI and manage the same by installing requisite tools/applications in the systems of the MOFPI. In this regard 2 social media experts are to be deployed on site at the premises of MoFPI. They would have the requisite skill sets to gather, collate, design, write contents and post contents on the social media websites under supervision of the MOFPI. They would be on site during office hours but remain available 24×7.

(v) Enhance audience engagement on all social media channels through designing and implementing contests, campaigns & promotions, etc. for generating awareness of people on food related issues, generate buzz about Ministry‟s activities and engage citizens over Ministry‟s initiatives.

(vi) Use of specified tools:

a) To create a yearly and monthly calendar of post (on Facebook, Twitter etc.) under the guidance of MOFPI. The tool would have an ability to create the required calendar.

b) Increase the visibility of posts on Facebook, Twitter etc. by sharing them with internal & external audiences. The tool would have an ability to engage with citizens and share posts using a single interface.

c) To get posts on Twitter, Facebook etc. posts review for approval of MOFPI. Contents should not be posted without MOFPI approval. The tool would send approval request to the approvers via email and the approver would use the tool to approve the posts.

d) To find influencers that can be used to increase the visibility of MOFPI‟s social media campaigns. The tool would have a facility to find industry leaders.

e) To manage twitter follower base and overcome 140 characters Twitter limit for posting and the tool needs to be flexible to manage Twitter followers.

f) To support tracking of reach and spread of posts. The tool would have an ability to monitor social media noise to determine buzz in the media.

g) To support posts moderation. The tool needs to have an ability to reply to the posts and delete any unwanted comments or posts.

h) To provide detailed analysis of MOFPI‟s Social Media activities. The tool would have an ability to analyze MOFPI‟s activities.

(vii) Ensure that the viewership over social media site of the MOFPI increases substantially and increase its reach within a period of 12 months from the date of start of operation.

(viii)       Ensure that significant posts made by the public on the MOFPI‟s social networking site is monitored on a real time basis and is brought to the notice of the designated Ministry‟s official on daily basis.

(ix)         Round the clock running of MOFPI‟s entities on the agreed upon social media sites, updating, analyzing social media trends, moderation and intervention as and when required.

(x)          Ensure that the quick response to these posts is provided on the social networking site under the supervision of the designated MOFPI‟s official. Prepare and upload a monthly bulletin on significant social media efforts in the MOFPI as well as events/media reports etc. related to the issues dealt by the MOFPI.

(xi)         To provide training, skill up-gradation and capacity building of the officers of MOFPI to handle social media sites through lecture, seminar, workshop, class room and online teaching etc.

(xii)        Should have credible contingency plan to effectively handle crisis and emergencies.

(xiii)       Any other works entrusted by MOFPI for sensitizing the people through social media Platform.

(xiv)       During the contract period the agency should be able to reach at least of 10 million.

(xv)        To ensure that viewing and uploading on the managed Social Media sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook etc.) is smooth and uninterrupted.


(A) Creative designing and repackaging:

  • Creative content generation, recreate or convert the content and repackage the available content. The content may be of various forms such as graphics, cartoons, smart art, animations, story board etc. design on subject of Government schemes and programs and policies etc. The experts are also expected to make e-books, electronic version of other books and manage the graphic content of the website as and when required by the Ministry.
  • Repackaging of the content (videos and photographs) into suitable formats (video packages and others). On average repackaged videos of 30-40 seconds are expected as deliverables.
  • Uploading of repackaged and creative content on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube etc.
  • Above is to be done without any infringement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

(B) Enhancing reach of content on Internet and social media sites:

  • Agency would be responsible for enhancement of the reach of the messages and other schemes of Government on various social media platforms through non- paid means so that the content would reach to the last mile on internet domain on real time basis. The agency should have capability to multiply the reach  of content and promote content organically on various social media platforms.
  • The agency should be able to develop interesting and innovative content, campaigns, competitions, so as to have proper communication strategy for various social media platforms to enhance the reach of content in real time basis.

(C) Making the uploaded content viral / virility of content

  • Agency would be responsible to make the content viral on the internet and other social media sites. This will make the schemes, policies of Government to reach on various social media platforms to the last mile on internet domain in real time basis.
  • The agency should have capability to multiply the reach of content and promote content and make it viral to the most.

(D)  Storage of Content:

  • Storage of raw footages/ content and processed content (video packages) etc. for the purpose of archive in digital formats.
  • Availability of archive content should be for at least 180 days.
  • The Agency will submit the archived content to this Ministry within specified time in five copies of Compact Disc.

(E) Advertisement:

Agency would also be responsible for advertising of MOFPI and Ministry‟s various schemes, acts and related activities on the social media platforms.

Due Date:

September 30, 2017


Room No. 120,
Ministry of Food  Processing
Industries, Panchsheel Bhawan,
August Kranti Marg,
New Delhi-110049

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