Government Relations Firm Needed In Ohio

The Ohio Association of Regional Council

The Ohio Association of Regional Councils (OARC) is requesting a proposal from qualified government relations firms to provide state and federal public policy guidance, strategy, education, and representation of Ohio’s regional councils and metropolitan planning organizations to state and federal government elected leaders and key staff members. OARC is seeking to engage with a government relations firm for a three-year contract to begin January 1, 2016 and last through December 31, 2018. They have a budget of $25,000-$35,000 annually.

The Ohio Association of Regional Councils comprises 24 agencies serving more than 1,500 municipalities, villages, townships and counties and representing over 10 million residents of those communities around the state. Regional councils coordinate and work to streamline statewide services at the regional level, leverage federal resources and serve as stewards of the Ohio’s limited resources. These councils
help secure financing from a variety of local, state, federal and private funding sources for projects that have a positive impact on the residential and commercial sectors. By creating or retaining jobs, providing access to education or training, increasing availability to water and sanitary sewer service, helping communities meet federal air quality standards, as well as maintaining and upgrading bridges and roads, the projects administered by regional councils build the regions’ infrastructure for future growth.

OARC’s Public Policy Agenda is the collective voice and proactive framework to assertively advocate to the governor’s administration, as well as the elected officials at the Ohio Statehouse and U.S. Capitol on the issues, policies, legislation and interests important to regions. The 2015 Public Policy Agenda can be viewed here.

Consultants interested in being considered should submit proposals to:
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) Attn: William Murdock
111 Liberty Street, Suite 100
Columbus, OH 43215 and

Scope of Services:

1. Develop and implement innovative strategies to ensure OARC meets the association’s state and federal legislative and public policy objectives. This may include coordination of coalition-building efforts.
2. Work with OARC’s member executive directors and Public Policy Committee to develop capacity and provide representation for OARC’s objectives before the governor’s administration, members of the Ohio House and Senate, legislative committees, legislative staff, state agencies and major public interest groups.
3. Proactively obtain and monitor legislation and agency rule-making in areas of interest and assigned by the Public Policy Committee and chair.
4. Present public policy updates to the Policy Committee, OARC executive members, and other committees on a regularly scheduled basis or when requested.
5. Maintain at least weekly telephone or email contact with the OARC officers and Policy Committee.
6. Schedule and prepare OARC’s members for meetings with state legislators and state agency officials when requested, and attend these meetings as needed.
7. Collaborate with OARC members to develop and execute future public policy agendas.
8. Participate in planning and executing OARC special events that include a government relations component, including press conferences, forums, luncheons, summit and/or conferences.

Review the full RFP here.

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