Government of Saskatchewan Seeks Government Relations Agency of Record


The Government of Saskatchewan is seeking an experienced, full-service advertising agency to provide communications and marketing services for Ministry of Government Relations. The Ministry of Government Relations is has a highly diversified mandate that includes responsibility for a range of programs, services, and legislation.

The ministry’s organizational structure, as well as its legislative and regulatory responsibilities, reflects this diversity. The ministry is organized into four divisions and two branches, as follows:

  • Municipal Relations and Northern Engagement division;
  • Corporate Services division;
  • First Nations and Métis Engagement division;
  • Public Safety division;
  • Policy and Program Services branch; and,
  • Communications branch.

The ministry has 237 full-time equivalent (FTE) budgeted positions for 2017-18. The ministry has locations across the province, with staff in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, La Ronge, Buffalo Narrows, and Estevan. The Ministry of Government Relations wants to build and enhance its profile as a conduit for stakeholders into the provincial government. The Ministry wants to position itself as a single channel of engagement with its stakeholders, many of whom represent different levels of government.

As well, the Ministry’s responsibilities in the area of emergency services and disaster support provide strategic opportunities to pursue public awareness campaigns and the dissemination of critical information to populations impacted by fires, floods and other natural disasters.

Scope of Work:

Interested agencies must demonstrate professional experience in:

  • Public Awareness Campaigns: The successful agency must have the in-house ability to develop annual campaigns through earned/paid media to disseminate critical public information during emergencies and produce effective campaigns aimed at educating public audiences.
  • Digital strategy: the proponent should possess considerable digital experience in raising the profile of clients among target audiences using digital channels including social media tools.
  • Graphics Design and production: The agency will have superior graphic design expertise and experience to produce superior visual materials for high-profile print ads, and promotional materials

Due Date:

January 30, 2018


Strong government PR firms include APCO Worldwide.

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