In 2016, Halifax Regional Council approved the Moving Forward Together Plan (MFTP). This plan included a redesigned transit network with changes to nearly every route in the Halifax Transit network. The changes associated with the plan are to better align the transit network with the needs of Halifax residents and are centred around the following four foundational principles:

  1. Increase the proportion of resources allocated towards high ridership services.
  2. Build a simplified transfer based system.
  3. Invest in service quality and reliability.
  4. Give transit increased priority in the transportation network.

Service changes described in the MFTP are being implemented over five years. The 2018/19 fiscal year represents the third year of the plan roll out, with the most recent changes having taken place in November 2017. The next planned service changes will take place August 20, 2018 and will feature changes to a large number of routes, mostly in Halifax- Clayton Park. You can review proposed service changes in the Draft 2018/19 Halifax Transit Annual Service Plan: https://www.halifax.ca/transportation/halifax- transit/plans-reports

In a prior project, Halifax Transit and an appointed consultant developed a communication and marketing strategy and created appropriate materials to communicate significant changes which occurred in August and November 2017. The current project will build on and further this strategy and plan, select, create, and produce supporting materials and activities to communicate the changes with the public.

Scope of Work:

  • Design, development, and execution of the comprehensive communication strategy, budget and plan including timelines associated with all planned August 2018 service changes. This includes changes described by the Halifax Transit Annual Service Plan, and any other public facing changes identified to the successful proponent by Halifax Transit staff.
  • Development and procurement of any required communication/marketing materials as required by the communication strategy, and the production of audio and video materials as required by the approved plan.

Due Date:

March 20th, 2018


Halifax Regional Municipality

c/o Customer Service Center, 1st floor Alderney Gate

40 Alderney Drive

Dartmouth Nova Scotia

B2Y 2N5

PR firms with a Canadian office include Edelman PR.

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