Hawaii Looking For Public Relations Firm To Drive Tech Business

2016-02-12 by Jason Tannahill

High Technology Development Corporation

The High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) is a Hawaii based government entity tasked with leading the State of Hawaii’s effort to grow the technology industry sector with the objective of diversifying the economy and creating clean, high-wage job opportunities for the State. HTDC drives the State of Hawaii’s tech-based economic development agenda. The entity is seeking a Public Relations agency of record to support the agency and to help market its programs. HTDC programs provide resources, funding and expertise to technology and manufacturing companies in Hawaii.

The mission of HTDC is to facilitate the growth and development of high technology as a viable industry sector in Hawaii’s economy. HTDC’s duties include:

  • Developing industrial parks and high technology innovation centers and projects within or outside of industrial parks
  • Providing support and services to Hawaii-based high technology companies
  • Collecting and analyzing information on the state of commercial high technology activity in Hawaii
  • Promoting and marketing Hawaii as a site for commercial high technology activity
  • Providing advice on policy and planning for technology-based economic development

They seek an agency to:

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive outreach communications plan for HTDC and its programs. The plan should include, but not be limited to, development of key communications messaging; use of traditional media (i.e., print, television, radio) and social marketing tactics (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.); writing news releases, media advisories, backgrounders, Op-Eds, letters to the editors, commentaries, articles, etc. and appropriate media placement to increase HTDC visibility and elevate the tech industry agenda.
  • Proactively develop and disseminate (as needed) HTDC’s newsworthy information, programs and activities to local and national media.
  • Coordinate and execute news conferences and events to promote HTDC’s newsworthy information, programs and activities.
  • Prepare speeches, talking points, messages, presentations and fact sheets for HTDC.
  • Identify, schedule and coordinate appropriate speaking engagements and media appearances for the Executive Director and other HTDC subject matter experts and staff.
  • Identify critical HTDC newsworthy items, news, and events. Strategically place newsworthy items in trade publications in Hawaii and nationwide using print, broadcast and digital media.
  • Provide media training and media coaching.
  • Assist with issues management and crisis communications.
  • Provide technical writing for, including, but not limited to, technology sector focused writing, researching, drafting and editing material for HTDC, such as policies, communications for legislative action and initiatives, annual reports, executive summaries and presentations.


  • Conceptualize, develop and work with the creative design provider on the production and write-up of HTDC collateral material, including, but not limited to, reports, newsletters, guides, brochures, fliers and annual report.
  • Strategic planning for the production of advertisements encompassing all communication channels.
  • Coordinate with the creative design provider to create and develop content for web, social media, and multi media outlets.

Review and draft copy for HTDC website.

Proposals are due by February 15th to Sandi Kanemori at rfp@htdc.org

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