HearMeWA Program Branding, Marketing, and Website Creation

PROPOSAL DUE DATE: October 9th, 2023 at 5:00 PM PST


The AGO’s vision for HearMeWA is to build a holistic program that meets safety and behavioral health needs by linking youth to existing systems of support. This vision includes the development of branding for the program that considers the feedback the AGO has collected from youth in addition to co-designing and market testing branding and marketing with youth.


The desired solution(s) for the project will develop and execute branding design, a marketing campaign, and website design for HearMeWA that provides the following:

1. Development of program Brand that is co-designed with youth input

a. Youth input should be compensated at a rate consistent with guidance from the Washington State

Office of Equity

2. Development of a program marketing campaign that includes ongoing management of social media

accounts for this program, including, but not limited to:

a. Instagram

b. Snapchat

c. Discord

d. TikTok

e. Facebook

f. YouTube

3. Building a website design that the AGO will host and manage

a. Development must be in either Drupal or WordPress

4. Constant and consistent messaging across all platforms while promoting the campaign and modifying the material to maximize the impact of each channel. Contractor must propose a publishing schedule and content to be approved by the AGO and then adhere to the AGO approved publishing schedule and content for videos/posts/stories. Posts must recognize delegation with text info and image.

5. Multimedia Toolkit for the AGO to promote on its website that includes (at a minimum):

a. Marketing materials that will inform Washington youth and adults about HearMeWA both to those

submitting tips and those who may be tip responders. This should include posts, stories, and microvideos the AGO can use and adapt for future use.

b. Short and meaningful instructional videos that will inform Washington youth and adults about how

to submit tips.

c. Short and meaningful instructional videos that will inform Washington youth and adults on what to

expect throughout the tip submittal process.

d. Best Practices for Government social media Pages

6. A digital marketing campaign that includes paid social ads.

7. All products that result from this RFP must be translated into the top 18 languages identified by the program (see Attachment G for more details).

8. Tracking metrics to understand the reach and impact of the messaging with youth and adult audiences from:

a wide geographic reach that represents Washington residents statewide. Including, but not limited to:

a. Follower growth over time

b. Negative feedback rate

c. Profile visits

d. Reactions

e. Overall engagement rate

f. Clicks

g. Reach

h. Impressions

i. Audience growth rate

j. Engagement rate

k. Amplification rate

l. Virality rate

m. Video views

n. Video completion rate

o. Comments

p. Shares

q. Saves

r. Direct messages on social media apps

The AGO reserves right the utilize the ASB’s bid submission in drafting the final scope of work to be included in the contract, which scope of work may differ from the above, dependent upon the scope of services that have been bid by the ASB. In no way shall changes to the final contract’s scope of work be material and/or substantial changes to the scope of the RFP.


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