High Rise PR: Boutique Agency in the Fashion, Music, and Lifestyle Industries

Started in 2009, High Rise PR has evolved into a full-service PR agency that dedicates its service to enhancing artist management and consultancy, creating exceptional campaigns and placements in online and print media. At the same time, the brand secures coverage on both regional and national radio and television.

Founded by Alexandra Baker, a veteran in the PR and marketing space, the agency has positioned itself as the go-to agency for brands in the music and fashion industry. To secure the position of a leading PR brand in these highly competitive spaces, Baker has spent years building and maintaining relationships with key media outlets and opinion leaders. Whilst working with US and internationally-based clients, HighRise PR has grown into a leading and ultra effective boutique agency in the fashion, music, and lifestyle industries.

Through the boutique agency, high profile clients create exceptional connections with their target audiences and benefit from additional services like consulting and offers management. Having carved a mark by creating phenomenal online, print, and television campaigns, the Baker-led agency provides high-impact marketing strategies that guarantee long-term results for different brands.

Noting that the founder has created an exceptional brand, knowing more about HighRise PR’s CEO is beneficial.

Who is Alexandra Baker?

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Baker, the Los Angeles-based PR specialist and consultant, started her career in New York City close to two decades ago. In 2009, the CEO struck out on her own to found the exceptionally positioned High Rise PR. Specializing in fashion, lifestyle, Music, PR, and consultancy, the brand has managed to secure an impressive client roster. Brands in the roster include fashion entities DKNY and Lacoste; lifestyle brands like Absolut Vodka; musical artists like the Maccabees and Boy George; and record companies like Universal and Atlantic.

While representing great musicians around the globe, Baker has amassed a sizable and female-oriented roster of clients. To name a few, the clients include M.I.A, Billie Eilish, Tove Lo, Clairo, and Melanie C. At the same time, Baker commits to support upcoming talent through individualized and detail-oriented consultancy.

Considered a veteran in the PR space and being a female CEO, Baker is well-positioned to assist brands in the music industry. Having been fortunate to work with highly talented and innately good artists, the CEO has mastered the art of helping budding musicians reach their full potential.

In a recent interview, Baker pointed out that she has a special affinity towards Eilish, the popstar she’s worked with since age 14. As Eilish continues to soar to the top of the charts, the two have established professional and highly supportive relationships that help them work seamlessly. Worth noting, High Rise PR’s CEO points out that Eilish’s humility and hard-work has been one of the biggest contributors to her astronomical rise. According to the CEO, witnessing the young and highly independent female single blossom and find her own path has been more than fulfilling.

While seeking to create a star-filled client roster, Baker will not only seek to work with any artist that is hungry to create a meaningful career but will also champion for more female artists to pursue their talents.

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