Hot Paper Lantern: Solving Brand Challenges

Following an extensive period at Peppercomm, CEO Ed Moed started Hot Paper Lantern (HPL). Fusing communication and marketing strategies with technology solutions and business consulting, HPL sought to help brands survive the digital economy.

Working with companies to solve a myriad of brand challenges, HPL would help companies develop impactful campaigns and strategies at crucial points of change. Employing a cross-functional team comprising highly-talented PR pros, the Moed-led team employs agility and speed to help brands become authorities in their respective spaces.

With the company’s desire to solve unique brand challenges, HPL offers outstanding services, participates in some winning campaigns, and has bagged important awards.

Key Services

The Moed-led agency offers a variety of services. They include digital strategy, data and analytics, brand strategy, and strategic communications. Others include technology solutions, social media, design, and public relations.

Notable Campaigns and Results

#1. Cysurance’s Campaign

Being a leading service provider of cyber risk solutions, Cysurance sought a differentiation strategy to help differentiate its value proposition in an overcrowded space. Turning to Moed’s firm, the cyber risk service provider needed a new branding strategy and a forward-thinking and classy identity that would differentiate the company from competitors.

Research-based insights showed that Cysurance clients wanted an inviting experience that emphasized stability, simplicity, and ease-of-use.

Hot Paper’s efforts translated Cysurance’s identity into an interactive website that highlighted stability, simplicity, and ease-of-use while showcasing the company’s logo and incorporating new and inviting graphics.

#2. Raymond James’s

Through extensive research, Hot Paper’s analytic team generated important insights on retirement products:Raymond James’s competitors were flooding the marketplace with general content on wealth management. But consumers preferred highly tailored content to enhance their retirement planning process.

Hot Paper Lantern developed an interactive infographic that guides users on a custom journey to bridge the gap as they plan their retirement. The new system concludes the assisted planning exercise with personalized tips on how to beat complexities that accompany retirement preparations.

Studying tactile triggers and visual cues, HPL’s team evaluated and tested interactions to understand how they could increase engagement time and improve conversion rates. The result was highly interactive and easy to use, a product that provided tailored tips on retirement planning.

Client Roster

HPL’s client roster includes go-to brands in their respective spaces. These brands include Steelcase, AIG, Barnes Group Inc, CHVBB, Ernst & Young, Weightwatchers, ProSight, Lazard, Nikon, and Avon 39.

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