Housing Authority of Salt Lake City Issues Public Relations RFP

Housing Authority of Salt Lake City Issues Public Relations RFP

HASLC is soliciting proposals from qualified communications and public relations professionals. The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City (hereinafter “HASLC”) is a non-profit public entity that provides federally subsidized housing and housing assistance to low-income, disabled and special needs persons and families within Salt Lake City, Utah. HASLC is governed by a seven-person Board of Commissioners (Board). The Executive Director is the President and Chief Executive Officer.

HASLC was created in October of 1970 and during its almost 50-year history, it has provided housing to thousands of individuals and families. HASLC owns and manages 31 apartment complexes and condominiums for a total of 1,616 units, with another 545 units financed through tax credits. In addition, HASLC administers HUD Section 8 vouchers (both project-based and housing choice vouchers) in Salt Lake City, helping nearly 2,800 households obtain affordable, private market housing.

Scope of Work:

HASLC intends to award a contract to a qualified firm or consultant to provide communications and public relations services necessary for the operation of HASLC. The Proposer selected should be able to provide the following services:

1) Strategic Communications and Public Relations Plan

Develop and assist with the implementation of a strategic communications and public relations plan that supports HASLC and its goals as a successful public housing agency. The plan should be designed to engage the following audiences more effectively in HASLC’s mission:

  • Program participants and tenants
  • Community members
  • Internal team
  • Landlords
  • Community partners and stakeholders
  • Policy makers
  • Funders

And should also include:

  • Communication strategies to bolster public support and awareness for HASLC initiatives to expand the availability of affordable housing units in its region
  • Effective outreach strategies, goals, and objectives to be used in advertising, promoting, and publicizing HASLC that consider the evolving landscape of print and digital media exposure
  • Promotion of public awareness of HASLC’s achievements through a consistent and positive message

2) Media Relations

  • Liaise with trade and local media outlets as requested
  • Develop press releases and responses to media inquiries as needed
  • Provide general media assistancee.g., crisis management, fact checking, and developing responses to negative publicity as needed

3) Consult on Website Development

  • Assist in the creation and branding of a new website for HASLC
  • Assist in the writing and development of content similar to that found on the following model website: www.thecha.org
  • Provide advice and feedback on web content created by HASLC employees
  • Assist with brand consistency and integrity utilizing contributions from multiple writers

4) Marketing Materials

  • Coordinate with staff to create annual report, informational brochures, and standard presentations

5) Training

  • Conduct basic media relations training for HASLC executive staff

Due Date:

October 22nd


Proposal for Communications & PR Consultant; RFP # 2018-015”

Quinn Wiperi, Procurement and Contracts

Housing Authority of Salt Lake City

1776 South West Temple, UT 84115

Rubenstein Communications and Rubenstein PR have PR experience.

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