HOUSTON HEALTH DEPARTMENT COSSAP – Opioid Health Promotion Campaign

Due Date: June 2nd, 2023

I. Introduction/Background

The City of Houston Health Department (HHD) is a full-service health department that not

only performs all the core functions of a Public Health Department, but also many

enhanced functions such as initiatives to address health inequities. HHD provides a variety

of services to all residents to ensure the promotion of health, the prevention of diseases,

and a safe environment. In 2014, the department received accreditation from the Public

Health Accreditation Board. Houston was the first city in Texas and second largest city in

the U.S. to have receive such accreditation.

The Health Education team is requesting marketing research proposals to aid in the development of Houston-specific communication campaigns to promote awareness of opioid overuse and prevention. The market research should be inclusive of all

Houstonians, but an emphasis should be placed on hard-to-reach minority populations.

Populations of interest include African American and Latino communities, individuals aged 18+, and those within high-risk zip codes within Houston, TX.

II. Objectives-Clear Quantifiable Outcome:

The objectives of the research will include, but are not limited to:

– To identify marketing avenues for health prevention messaging

– To uncover social and situational conditions for opioid use

– Testing potential creative approaches, tone of voice, and other communication variables to effectively create campaigns

– Determine trusted sources of information to disseminate risk mitigation messages

– To identify cultural/age related nuances that might negatively impact campaign Effectiveness.

III. Scope of Work

Overview of steps of projects; Requirements to complete work. HHD is seeking a mixed

methods research approach with both qualitative and quantitative data provided. The

team seeks to gain insights from focus groups and survey data but is open to feasible

recommendations that can be generalized for high-risk zip codes and hard to reach

consumers. The selected vendor will be responsible for all research components which

might include the following:

– Survey Design

– Discussion Guide and Screener

– Recruitment

– Data Collection

– Transcripts

– Analysis and Reporting


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