Houston Governments Wants A Texas Based Public Relations Firm

houston public relations

The Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments is seeking a Marketing and Public Relations firm. This RFP is intended to encompass Marketing/Advertising, Public Relations & Promotions, Creative Consulting and Event Planning Services, including:

  • Marketing/Advertising Services: Conceptualization; Production; Messaging; Strategy Development; Copy Writing; Media Planning, Negotiation and Buying; Market Research; Photography. Possible end products and or services are advertising campaigns, scripts, multimedia production i.e. media packages, television and radio spots, print ads, social marketing, social media, social networking, internet and outdoor products including banners, billboards, bus cards and signage, advising End Users on advertising and media matters, direct mail programs as well as research including surveys, focus groups and intercepts, strategic planning documents, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Public Relations & Promotional Services: Media Relations; Community Relations; Editorial Writing; Editing; Press Conferences; Special Events. Possible end products and or services may include press releases, press kits, articles, coordinating the requirements of End User and supplier activities as related to public relations, PR services, crisis communication, public affairs, marketing communication, public information and publicity, public outreach, media relation and other PR & marketing communication, promotional goods and other promotional items, promotional event materials including handouts, audio visual presentations, speaker points and speeches.
  • Creative Process Services: Graphic Design; Production; Copy Writing; Web Design and Programming; Print Preparation and Press Checking; Photography and Illustration. Final product development may include graphic design, logos, animation, copywriting, technical writing, publishing, editing services, web design, web development, web application, web hosting, photography, video development and production, film production, filmmaking, documentaries television production, motion picture, brochures, POS materials, newsletters, invitations, posters and signage.
  • Event Planning Services: Event Design & Planning; Site Research; Venue Negotiations and Booking; Registration Management & Coordination; Exhibitor and Sponsorship Coordination; Budget Control and Reporting; Conference management services including breakout sessions, food & beverage planning and contracting, exhibitions, trade shows, signage, logistics planning and liaison, billing management, reporting, speaker identification & booking, security management and audio/visual coordination.

Proposal due on August 3, 2016 to: Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments, 3555 Timmons,   Suite 120, Houston, TX 77027

The largest PR firms in Texas are Edelman, Allison+Partners’ & SHIFT Communications.

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