How a Marketing Agency Can Assist Business with Growth

Depending on the industry, finding space to grow can be difficult. This means that sales and customer growth need to correspond with each other, and success in these categories comes from a strong approach to marketing.

However, not every business has an in-house marketing expert. And often, it can be less cost-effective to pay a full-time salary with benefits when other options such as working with freelancers or hiring an agency may be a better fit.

Of course, there is no one size fits all solution for finding the best marketing help. But for some businesses, going the agency route may make more sense.

But how can an agency best assist a business with its marketing? Why not just hire a contracted freelancer to handle the various tasks associated with marketing strategy?

First and foremost, while an agency will inevitably cost more than hiring a single freelancer, consider the advantages that sheer numbers have. An agency can, in many cases, handle all facets of marketing strategy and execution, from graphic design to social media to content creation, and everything in between.

This alleviates stress when it comes time to execute on all cylinders. Whereas all of the tasks listed above may be a lot for one freelancer (who likely has other clients) to manage, the agency can own all of these elements with a higher number of staff members.

An agency may also have more contacts within the industry than an individual. This can be beneficial when it comes to dealing with influencers and even some public relations, depending on the breadth of the agency’s service offerings.

In addition, having the expertise that an agency brings to the table can help businesses of all sizes find success in their marketing strategy. Not every business has individuals with a marketing background on its staff, and that’s ok! That’s where an agency can bring high value for the cost.

Agencies also know how to analyze data, measuring success from past campaigns and helping predict consumer behavior based off of trends. This takes another step off of the company’s plate, allowing them to see the results of their marketing and advertising spend each month or each quarter. Having all of this information in one place helps a business stay organized instead of trying to scramble for answers when they’re needed.

Hiring an agency may not be within the budget for every business, but business owners may also be pleasantly surprised at the options that are available to them. Today, more and more boutique agencies are springing up, promising results at competitive prices and an “in-house” feel.

Even on a smaller budget, take a look around and solicit bids and proposals from agencies in the area. It’s important to properly vet the agencies that are under consideration, as not every agency is created equal and not every agency will make good on its promises.

With the right amount of research and a good amount of effort from the agency, a business may find that this is the best fit to properly plan and execute a marketing strategy.

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