How to Increase the Visibility of your Brands – Different Types of Media

It is crucial for a brand to increase their visibility to their target audience. Better visibility can generate better leads or create more sales. A company may use different marketing campaigns or media available to promote their services and products. 

Traditional Media Campaign

The use of traditional media to help improve a brand’s visibility is called a traditional media campaign. This campaign relies on traditional media outlets such as television, brochures, flyers, newspapers, magazines, radio, and even direct-mail advertising. The purpose of the campaign can be to promote the brand itself or to promote a product or service that the brand offers. When a brand takes out an ad in a newspaper or a magazine to announce the launch of a new product – it can be considered as an example of traditional media advertising. 

Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are mostly used by brands and companies to communicate with their target audience who have opted to receive promotional emails from them. Email campaigns allow the company to inform the customer about any launches, sales, or other promotional offers. Usually, the email campaigns help boost the visibility of the brand and its products among their target audience.

Product Launch Campaign

When a company launches a new product, it needs to create awareness about the new launch among its potential customers. The awareness campaign needs to focus on the features of the product, and why their audience needs it. A product launch campaign involves a number of parties – from the manufacturers to the distributors, and the resellers. The product launch campaign should focus on reaching out to the right demographic with the appropriate message.

Brand Launch Campaign

A brand launch campaign is similar to a product launch campaign – but while a product launch campaign focuses on the launch of new products, a brand launch campaign focuses on the release of a new brand or subsidiary by a company. The main purpose of a brand launch campaign is to promote awareness of the new brand, as well as the services and products that they offer. It can also be an effective strategy if the brand is launching products in a new category or market.

A brand launch campaign is used to advertise the brand on social media channels, as well as through other traditional media channels, to reach out to potential customers. It may also reach out to existing customers of the company with a promotional offer to help generate interest in the new brand. 

Brand Awareness Campaign

The main objective of a brand awareness campaign is to build the visibility of the brand, and increase its popularity. Larger and established brands hold regular awareness campaigns to maintain the popularity of their products and stay relevant. 

Contest Marketing Campaign

Contest marketing has been a popular form of marketing, and with social media, their reach has grown exponentially. A contest marketing campaign can help a brand generate interest in their products, as well as lead to organic traffic to their websites and social media accounts. 

Seasonal Push Campaign

Many companies offer seasonal sales, promotions, or special products – especially during important holidays or celebrations. This is usually a part of their seasonal push marketing campaign. It is mostly used by businesses such as restaurants or retail stores – though many other businesses also manufacture seasonal products or offer special services.

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