Importance of Meta Descriptions for SEO Efforts

One of the key elements of any search engine optimization effort is the meta descriptions. Although they’re not going to immediately improve the ranking of the company’s business website, they are incredibly helpful with other types of goals, including generating more website traffic from potential customers. Most of the time, meta descriptions tend to be considered as an indirect sign of quality since they don’t actually have a direct effect on the way that a website is ranked on search engine results pages. However, that doesn’t mean companies need to ignore meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions

The part of the meta tags on a page that helps other people understand what a page is about is the meta description. This is a short snippet of text that tends to show up under the headline of a result on search engine results pages. However, there are times when search engines actually end up pulling a snippet of the text of the main body copy of the page instead of the meta description. Nevertheless, the meta description is useful for a few different things, including getting the right snippet of text to be featured in search engine results pages whenever a potential customer searches for some things that the company’s website ranks highly for. Through the meta description, companies get a chance to tell search engine users what they can find on the business website if they open it.


The main goal of any sort of search engine optimization is to get a potential customer that is searching on Google for something specific to open up the company’s website. Search engines use the meta descriptions of websites and pages to get people to understand what a result is about and click on it. Although most search engines have stated that the meta descriptions don’t actually help with search engine optimization efforts in a direct way because they’re not used in the way that pages are ranked, companies still have an indirect benefit. That’s because most search engines tend to use the click-through rate to figure out if the results that the users are opening are relevant to the research queries. That means that if more people click on a company’s website, and stick around, search engines will start thinking that the result is good and benefits users, and will increase the ranking of that website based on where it already is. That’s why it’s so important for companies to optimize their meta descriptions as well as their titles. Although companies can’t always be sure that search engines are going to be showing the meta description that the company has specifically created for each one of its pages, on the off chance that the meta description does show up, it’s always valuable to have a good one and optimize it as much as possible.

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