Important Website Metrics Companies Should Track

Companies have to invest in different types of promotional efforts if they want to be able to stay competitive in their markets and reach their target audiences. There are hundreds of different metrics that most businesses have to stay on top of to be able to do all that and more, and some of the most important ones tend to come from the company’s own business website.


One of the most important website metrics that companies need to keep an eye on is the website traffic, because if no one is coming across the company’s website, then what’s published on it doesn’t really matter. That’s why website visitors are such an important metric, and companies can get even more specific than simply tracking the overall number of their website visitors. For instance, they can use the metric to figure out whether the type of content that the company is publishing on its website is effective at reaching the target audience or not, and figure out what kinds of content the target audience prefers to see.


The website referrals metric is used when companies want to figure out where their website traffic is coming from, which can be a lot more useful than simply knowing the number of people that have checked out the company’s website in general. This metric allows companies to learn which approaches are able to generate a lot of website traffic, as well as where most people tend to come across the company’s website in the first place, and which kinds of links, headlines, and even content itself make the audience open up the website in the first place.

Bounce rate

If website visitors start leaving a website as soon as that website has finished loading, that means the website isn’t doing what it should to keep their attention for a longer period of time so that they end up sticking around. A high bounce rate is not something that companies should be taken lightly as it’s a metric that also has a direct impact on the ranking of that website on search engine results pages. However, if the company understands the way that most of its website visitors move around on the page, it can start planning out and grouping different types of content in a way that’s going to make the visitors stay for longer.

Leads and conversions

Companies need to generate leads if they want to grow, and this is a metric that companies can track through their business websites. This is simply the number of people that the company is able to reach through its website that is truly interested in making a purchase from the company in the future. On the other hand, once a website visitor is ready to make a purchase and convert, companies will need to keep track of that number as well, as that’s the number of conversions that the website has generated. This number can be directly influenced by any marketing, advertising, and public relations campaigns that the company invests in, and the results can start coming in as soon as a campaign is launched.

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