UX tips that drive sales

The customer journey on the website of a company is very important. If a company wants loyal customers, it needs to optimize its UX. User experience or UX includes all aspects of an end user’s interactions with a company, its products and its services. If a business understands the needs and problems of its customers, it can improve their experience. Some businesses consider UX as a core principle. Speed of a website and a secure payment gateway are also included in  UX. Even if the marketing of a business is great, without a great user experience, the conversion rates of a business will not increase. Given below are some handy tips on UX that will help to increase sales conversions.

Address customer pain points

If the content of a website is not engaging enough, a customer will lose interest. A website has to be clear about what it offers. To understand customers and their pain points, their journeys for the product and service should also be understood. It is important to understand for whom the website is being designed and what do they need. For instance, the checkout process may not figure prominently on a site and a customer may not want to spend time to figure out where the option is. As a result, customers might abandon their checkouts! User research would be needed to come up with something that would be easy to use.

Include live chat

Live chats normally result in the increase of conversions and decrease in bounce rates. Including the phone number of the company is also effective as that helps to increase the trust of a customer. Customers favor live chats as they get immediate responses and live chats also help customers to multitask. For a good customer relationship, prompt response and aesthetically pleasing chat box layout are important.

Add an element of personalization

If a website has soothing colors and relevant images, people will be able to relate with it more. Stories about products are also helpful. Different customers might be looking for different benefits from a website. The benefits section of a website can be personalized by showing the benefits that are unique to a particular customer’s needs. For instance, the website of J.Crew takes up the role of a stylist when a customer makes a purchase. They suggest a list of outfits that would go well with the purchase history of a customer. 

Allow customers to compare products

Online shoppers are always comparing products. They will look for the same products on different websites to compare prices. Visitors can turn into customers if they are allowed to compare products. For instance, Best Buy allows customers to compare products on the basis of prices and features.

Reach out to customers after a purchase

A business should reach out to customers after they have made a purchase. A survey can be sent to them with questions about their experience. Some customers are willing to talk about their experience and this would help to review a website.

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