Improving Brand Perception by Helping Employees

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Any employees that have started returning to their office spaces have faced the increased cost of their commute to the physical workplace. Recently, the gas prices across the US have been steadily increasing, hitting a record high, while inflation has also skyrocketed to up to a nearly 40-year high. All those different costs have started adding up and according to research, workers have started spending 20% more time and 30% more money on their daily commute now, compared to what they spent before the pandemic started. When adjusted for income, that cost is even bigger for black Americans, increasing by nearly 60%. Some of the top companies that have found a way to solve this issue for their employees have started offering various programs and resources that would help the employees get to work more economically. This way, not only are they showing that they care about their employees, but they could also create messages that are very powerful for improving brand perception and the public image of a business.


Some of the companies that started helping their employees with the costs of their commutes have decided to use internal apps, which are part of their overall rewards programs. For instance, Hytch Rewards has its own cash incentive management platform that rewards its employees with cash prizes for a part of the time and the money they spend on their daily commute. The company went a step further by sharing this initiative with the public on Earth Day, showcasing how the business cares for its employees, as well as the payment. With employees and customers increasingly caring about the values of a business before they apply for a job or make a purchase from that business, this company effectively manages to tie in its messaging about its internal commitments to the holiday which increased its external reach.


Companies can also decide to partner with another business that provides vehicles or commuting services for their employees. In fact, that’s precisely what Tyson Foods decided to do when creating a partnership with Enterprise, the car rental company. This partnership provided its employees with an easier way that they could get to work at over 20 different facilities. Additionally, this program gave all of the employees a reliable way that they could get to work, aside from helping the employees save money, and offsetting the negative impact on the environment, as well as the impact of the increasing fuel prices.


The last way that companies can improve their brand perception by improving the overall experience of their employees is by giving various resources like training or programs to the employees. The Colorado State University decided to pursue this type of strategy and host an annual program that would encourage the employees to start taking their bikes to work. Everyone participating in the program receives an individualized bicycle training tour that’s focused on commuting, essential equipment, as well as a free bicycle tune-up, and an optional fitness assessment from the university. Additionally, the university also provides monthly presentations during lunchtime that talk about various bicycle and commuting topics such as biking during the winter or the rules of the road. Although these are very specific types of programs and training, companies can provide different types depending on what their employees need and accomplish similar goals.

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