Increasing Conversion Rates With Landing Pages

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When customers are looking to make a purchase, they tend to do a lot of research beforehand, to ensure that they are making the right purchasing decision. Customers are checking companies’ competitors and figuring out which purchasing decision will work best for them. That’s why in order to improve their conversion rates, companies need to be mindful of how they create their landing pages, and what type of content they share on those landing pages.


Companies should begin the research process by learning more about their target audiences. This will help them better understand what their customers are looking for on a landing page. One way that companies can begin their research is by looking up keywords and terms that are relevant to what they provide to their customers. Then, they should analyse the landing pages with the highest SERP rankings, to determine if any of their competitors are using similar strategies to them. There are also plenty of digital tools that companies can use to research organic search traffic and the link profiles of any website or landing page. With these tools, companies can look at the demographics, traffic breakdown, and other similar competitors of their own competitors, in order to figure out what works best for their target audiences.

Target audience

To create a successful landing page that converts more customers, companies need to target the right people, give them the right offers, and create content that will convert for those landing pages. However, the content on the landing page should always come last in the landing page creation process, because it should be informed by the research process and the information that the company has collected about its customers. Companies can conduct one on one interviews or focus groups, or even execute in-depth research projects for their customers. Then they can compare their own landing page ideas with the landing pages of their competitors to figure out which strategies should be implemented for their own landing pages. Businesses can also use landscape monitoring and social analytics tools to figure out what the customers are saying about the company’s market competitors, and the things they do and don’t like.

Competitor engagement

To better understand the strategies that the competitors are using in their landing page strategies, companies need to interact with those businesses. They should be taking note of both indirect and direct competitors. That means companies should be looking into businesses that are selling the same service as them, as well as other companies that are able to solve the same problems or fulfil the same need that customers have. By checking the landing pages from both types of competitors, companies can learn more about their user experience strategies, messaging, and onboarding process, and can get more insights into the website traffic that’s generated from those landing pages with the right tools. Understanding all of these elements of website marketing can inform a company’s landing page creation process, and increase conversion rates.

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