Influencer Campaigns and Audio Content

In the last couple of years, the world has increasingly been interested in digital content creators, turning each one of those creators into somewhat of a celebrity in their respective industries. This trend became even bigger once the pandemic started, as people had restricted and limited outdoor activity, which led to an increase in digital content consumption – whether that’s in video, text, or even audio format. Many content creators ended up going out of their way during the pandemic to show their craft through their social media accounts, in the hopes of attracting a larger number of flowers.

Although video has been dominating the content space for the last couple of years, in the last few months, audio content has been quickly catching up to that trend. Many influencers have already started to pop up in the audio content industry, and in fact, the audio influencer isn’t a new idea. Back in the day, DJs and radio jockeys used to be the original audio influencers.

While creators with video content can do a great job in terms of video editing skills or production value, or simply how they present themselves in their videos, when it comes to audio content, it’s a completely different playing field. With audio content, there are a number of content creators that are quite talented in their storytelling skills, their voice, or simply understand how to make people really listen, which have skyrocketed in popularity in recent months. Another great advantage of audio content is the fact that those creators are practically able to create content wherever they want, without having to worry about how they visually present themselves, unlike other types of influencers.

The only necessary thing for audio content is for the creator to tell stories from their own life, or fictional stories, or simply discuss topics they’re familiar with. Additionally, audio content can be both long and short form, with audio pieces ranging from 3 minutes, up to 90 minute long podcasts.

Another genre in audio content that’s quickly getting developed is interactive and live audio. While many platforms tend to reward the creators that spend a lot of time perfecting their content before it’s published, when it comes to live audio, there’s no deliberate product making or retakes. Although this type of content requires some preparation beforehand, most of the time, content creators in live audio just have to be entertaining or educational speakers. However, this isn’t a format for everyone, and as long as the content creator fits into those two types of categories, they’re able to see success on different live audio interactive platforms.

With all those different types of audio content, there’s already a rise of micro and nano influencers in the category. While those creators might not have millions of followers, they have enough of an influence and following to be perfect for certain types of influencer campaigns. These audio content creators have built up audiences that are engaged and looking forward to interacting with the content, all it takes is for a brand to start working with the influencer on campaigns to generate more brand awareness, and increase conversions.

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