Innovation in Communication with Tyto PR

The European PR agency Tyto PR was founded in 2017 and is focused on working with brands and corporations in technology, science, and innovation to solve their business challenges through communications.

With offices in London, UK, Tyto PR is a client-focused agency that helps businesses with what they need. Although the agency is based in London, it works across different countries, crossing borders across locations, services, and disciplines.

The team at Tyto PR had been working in the PR industry for over two decades before deciding to set up the agency, and starting to work with clients that are looking to expand, innovate and build internationally. It was created to deliver clients with a new public relations experience. An experience that’s based on creative, insights-driven, accountable approaches that are based on knowledge.

All of those things are why Tyto PR is a public relations agency that places the client’s needs at the center of operations. The agency achieved that by investing in cutting-edge technologies, knowledgeable people, creative methodologies, and team members that are constantly challenging themselves to do better.

Because this is an agency that works at the intersection of public relations and marketing, it’s able to understand which budgets work best for which strategies in communications. That’s why Tyto PR offers clients everything PR that a client would need.

The services include research, insights and strategy audits, media relations, content development, brand awareness, trade advertising and media buying, conferences and events, social listening and analysis, risk issues and crisis management, thought leadership, social campaigns, product launches, website development, design, media training, SEO, and plenty of other capabilities.

To help all clients reach their growth and communication goals, the agency created Tyto Labs, a research and development department. The main goal is to explore new channels, technologies, services, and methodologies that will improve the agency’s operations, as well as the services that Tyto PR offers. One of the biggest assets of this department is the enthusiasm, curiosity, and experience of the team, which allows everyone involved to test out the best ways to achieve clients’ goals.

At Tyto Labs, the agency has a unique approach and process for working, which starts with finding a challenging channel, technology, or methodology that’s going to be explored. The next step is to explore that option creatively, which is followed by assigning tasks, challenges, or specific directions for that option to achieve.

After that step comes the workshopping for any options that are promising, where they can be further assessed to see whether they will give clients any value. Then, it’s the prototype step, where the team develops a minimum viable prototype that’s rolled out to specific audiences to test, and finally, the testing and launching of new innovation for the clients that work with Tyto PR.

Because of the success of Tyto PR’s campaigns and the variety of beneficial services, a large number of brands and corporations have worked with the agency, such as Getty Images, Amazon, AstraZeneca, BlackBerry, BBC, Cisco, Coca Cola, Indeed, Red Bull, and many others.

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