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According to Interdependence Public Relations (IDPR), more than 15 million people read their articles every day. The Chicago-based full-service digital PR firm, which was founded in 2013, also has offices in Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Toronto and New York, and prides itself in its success working with the media.

IDPR cites a Los Angeles client, an online reputation management firm, that was seeking to secure its position as a credible expert in reputation, crisis management, branding, and marketing. IDPR implemented a broad media campaign that resulted in a monthly ROI of 750% with an average of one media placement daily, an 82% increase in web traffic, and more than $1 million in new business revenue in less than a year.

Another client they cite was a one-year-old New York jewelry website that sold fine jewelry obtained from more than 18,000 jewelry stores nationwide. Their goal was to heighten awareness. By utilizing a mix of business, event and consumer pitches, IDPR generated media interest on both the local and national levels. Publications like the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and MarketWatch ran stories which helped their client achieve an average monthly ROI of 425% based on customer conversions. The publicity also increased monthly website traffic 63%.

Yet another case study involved a national residential and commercial construction firm based in New York. Their goal was to increase their visibility and brand awareness. IDPR’s strategy was to identify and establish relationships with media that covered real estate construction. Because the company was respected and had many experts, IDPR’s strategy was to use these experts as subjects for interviews by the media.

During the campaign, IDPR was successful in securing an average of five interviews and placements a month in publications like Forbes, the Huffington Post, Builder and Developer, Construction Dive, ReBusiness, Multi- Housing New and others. The result was a nearly 300% increase in web traffic and millions of dollars in new deals for the client. As importantly, the client, who was a relative unknown, became recognized as a leader in its field after the campaign was over.

An example of IDPR’s flexibility was demonstrated in a case study involving a California-based alternative retirement platform interested in capitalizing on the popularity of Bitcoin. Its goal was to position the company as a leader in that sector and build trust among potential investors.

Using its media contacts, IDPR arranged conversations between its client and national media including CNBC, Forbes, and CryptoCoinNews and positioned its client as an expert and thought leader in cryptocurrency. As a result, the client received a monthly average ROI of 250%.

On its website, IDPR cites numerous other case studies of clients in different industries who were helped through the services of the firm, largely through its credible and long-lasting relationships with numerous media sources.

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