International Trade Centre (ITC) Issues RFP For Marketing and Communications Strategy

International Trade Centre (ITC) Issues RFP For Marketing and Communications Strategy


ITC is looking for a service provider to develop and implement event planning and marketing activities in preparation for the T4SD Forum 2018, which will take place on 1-3 October 2018. ITC is the lead implementer of the T4SD Forum. The work of the contractor will be carried out under the supervision of and in close collaboration with ITC T4SD Programme and ITC Communications and Events.


The International Trade Centre (ITC) is a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization supporting the internationalization of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Its joint mandate combines a focus on expanding trade opportunities with the aim of fostering sustainable development. The Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) Programme is seeking a service provider to support the design and implementation of marketing and event planning activities for its annual flagship event, the Trade for Sustainable Development Forum (T4SD) 2018.

Now in its fifth year, the annual Trade for Sustainable Development Forum is one of the leading global events focused on how voluntary sustainability standards can support sustainable value chains. The event brings together over 160 participants, including representatives from businesses, partner institutions, standards organizations, international trade institutions and donors. The event will take place from 1-3 October 2018, at the ITC headquarters, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Scope of Work:

The service provider shall commence the provision of services from 16 July 2018 and fully and satisfactorily complete them by 31 December 2018.

The tasks of the successful contractor will include:

  • Developing and implementing a marketing and communication strategy for the T4SD Forum   2018 with the aim to generate greater awareness about the event and increase event attendance. This includes: a) draft social media plan for the ITC T4SD pages, b) prepare layout for the new promotional material of the event, c) design and production of communication material and visual elements to be disseminated by ITC in social media outlets, webpage and during the event, d) production of very short introductory video to the T4SD Forum 2018.
  • Supporting ITC T4SD in the design and implementation of sessions and activities of the T4SD   Forum 2018. That includes a) develop contact lists for press releases and for the promotion of the event, b) supporting ITC to conceptualize the format of sessions and event agenda, c) supporting ITC to design and implement a sustainable event with the aim to reduce the environmental impact of the materials and resources used during the event.
  • Contribute to updating T4SD branding and visual identity, including the logos, T4SD’s website look and feel (content and layout) and promotional materials of the programme, in consistency with ITC’s brand and visual identity guidelines.
  • Developing a post-event flyer with summary information on key event achievements, event metrics, selected pictures and participants’ testimonials. The flyer would be available in both soft and hard copies (part of the webpage of the T4SD Forum webpage and in printable version).

Due Date:

June 11th


Procurement Services

International Trade Centre

Palais des Nations

1211 Geneva 10


Agencies we recommend they consider includes Finn Partners and Ketchum PR.

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