Alison Brod PR: Company Profile

Profile of Alison Brod PR

Alison Brod Public Relations is a marketing and PR company that specializes in creative product placement, industry events and reputation management for a range of industries. Over the years, this company has earned a lot of respect from marketplace leaders for its knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry and its ability to launch innovative sponsorship programs, celebrity campaigns and more.

Alison Brod PR started small in 1991, with the dream of one woman. Today, the Alison Brod PR company continues to grow more impressive by the day.

About Alison Brod PR: Leadership

Alison Brod PR started with a woman called Alison Brod in 1991. The founder and CEO of what would become the most well-known boutique PR firm in the New York City launched her company from a simple idea. Apparently, the concept for the Alison Brod company began when Alison overheard someone talking about a new product launch in an elevator. Instead of taking the possible work to the company she was working with at the time, Alison decided to take the client on independently to create Burberry’s new perfume line.

The client was so impressed with Alison’s work that they helped her to create her own business. Though Alison has always had a passion for marketing and PR, she never could have dreamed how far her career would take her. Of course, Brod has always been committed to making her dreams come true. In an interview with a financial career website, Alison noted that anyone who finds something that they love doing should work hard to make their dreams a reality.

Today, Alison’s fashion-focused PR firm represents some of the major brands in beauty and clothing, ranging all the way from Godiva, to L’Oréal and New York Fashion Week.

Specialties and Clientele

Over the years, Alison Brod has been building both her reputation and the reputation of her firm through partnerships with companies like Mercedes, Garnier and many more. The company specializes in beauty and fashion marketing. However, Alison Brod PR is also associated with restaurants, spirits, entertainment, lifestyle companies, and celebrity brands too.

Today, Alison Brod PR offers a range of services to their customers including:

  • Strategic Media Counsel
  • Social media activation
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Crisis management and corporate communications
  • Experiential events
  • Regional media and programming

The Growth of Alison Brod PR

Like many incredible companies, Alison Brod PR began with a dream to provide exceptional services to companies around the world. Alison Brod was only 25 years old when she decided to launch her own company, and twenty years later she’s still running a highly successful brand in the heart of New York City. So far, the Alison Brod Marketing Company appears in a range of publications, all the way from the New York Post, to Marie Claire and the Wall Street Journal.

Alison believes that her company is more than just an average PR firm. She feels that pitching clients to newspapers, television shows and magazines is only one part of the PR journey. The best companies need to evolve to take on innovative new strategies like social media campaigns, ambassador or influencer marketing, and even experiential events.

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