Finance PR: Appealing to an Investment Audience

Investment Audience

Executives looking to get a message to potential investors use good public relations to help either individual or group investments come into the company and build growth.  Several steps ensure a portfolio appeals to the investors working for the future growth of the company. Here’s a rundown of some of the most important factors executives should include:



One of the clearest visions for investors to see is a focused advertising plan. An ability to communicate effectively through advertising gives current investors reason to continue investing and attracts new investors. New investors translate into growth, signals of growth include larger media campaigns and branding. According to this website, “The primary goal of advertising is to get the right message to the right audience at the right time.” This comes down to the dollars and cents of fund allotment in the right places attracting the right audience.

Customer Profile

Customer Profile

To attract the right audience, it’s imperative that a company and its executive knows its audience and who they market to. One of the first questions when proposing advertisement campaigns is “who is the customer?” followed up by, “what service is the customer or client rendering by choosing us over the competition?” Answering these questions prompts a profile of the customer demographic, so advertising looks at what makes the ideal customer tick. Looking at things such as Industry Reports can be helpful. Focus is a key selling point for investors, and recognizing the audience focuses a campaign regarding aesthetics and medium.



Medium is especially important when choosing a media campaign. Different demographics consumes different mediums of advertisements, and an executive uses information to formulate a firm plan on attracting the ideal customer. Depending on the customer, the options for media relations can include more traditional forms of mediums like weekly or daily newspapers, shopping, television direct mail, or radio. However, the biggest medium for advertisement rising in recent years – the internet.


Technology at the Forefront

Investors look for savvy, up-to-speed knowledge and navigation for how advertising works with technology. As this article put succinctly:

“Technology drives stunning change.  Tactics viewed as a novelty a couple of years back become core.  Audience Buying is poised to make this transition over the next twelve months.  And while this article stresses the obvious parallels with proven direct response tactics, marketers should not underestimate the potential for new efficiencies and impact throughout brand building. Whatever your objectives, if you don’t have a master plan for Audience Buying, now is the time to create one.”

Executives need to be ready to pounce on burgeoning technology markets reaching new consumers and investing audiences, Making these investments may be the necessary link a company needs to successfully attract investing backers.   

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