IOWA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE & LAND STEWARDSHIP RFP Information for 2023 Cover Crop Marketing Campaign

Due Date: Submit proposal by May 19th at 10:00 am to:

Jonathan Koele

Wallace State Office Building

502 E. 9th St. Des Moines, IA 50319

(515) 281.6877

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship runs a short marketing campaign each summer to encourage farmers and landowners in Iowa to enroll in the state’s conservation cost share program. The program incentivizes farmers and landowners to add conservation practices, like cover crops, to their fields to improve the health of their soils and protect water quality in Iowa and downstream. In 2022 more than 900 farmers and landowners enrolled in the program.

Scope of Work

  1. If you are interested in this project, please provide details for a project that would:

1.1. Uses a mix of 30-second radio ads on farm broadcast stations, digital ads on agricultural trade publications’ websites, Facebook advertising and digital re-targeting strategies.

1.2. Targets farmers and landowners living in Grundy, Black Hawk, Tama, Benton, Linn, Hamilton, Boone, Story, Polk, Jasper, Mahaska, Keokuk, Buena Vista, Pocahontas, Sac, Calhoun, Carroll, Greene, Dallas, Wright, Kossuth, Hancock and Humboldt counties.

1.3.  Estimates the size of the target audience and potential reach of the campaign.

1.4.  Includes weekly performance reports and a full performance report after the campaign ends.

1.4.1. Reach

1.4.2. Impressions

1.4.3. Digital ad engagement (clicks, likes, shares and views)

1.4.4. IDALS will own this data.

1.5. Monitors the performance of the digital ads and optimizes them throughout the campaign.

1.6. Summarizes the marketing campaign’s performance after it concludes.

1.7. Runs from early July to mid-August 2023

1.8. Has a campaign budget that shall be between $24,000 – $26,000

1.9. Other requirements

1.9.1. The Respondent should have extensive experience in branding and marketing related to

agriculture/crops in the State of Iowa.

1.9.2. The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship will provide the radio ad script,

digital ad copy and graphics.

1.9.3. The selected vendor must produce the 30-second radio spot and production costs should be included in the cost proposal.

1.9.4. The selected vendor should provide contracting and invoicing through one contact.


2. Technical Proposal- The following will be considered in the technical evaluation and scoring. No costs are allowed in the technical proposal.

2.1. Please provide an example(s) of a previously produced campaign by your organization including:

2.1.1. Past radio spots

2.1.2. Facebook posts

2.1.3. Graphics

2.1.4. Etc.

2.1.5. Provide past campaign performance reports

2.1.6. Provide schedules that use a mix of broadcast, social, and/or digital advertising channels.

2.1.7. Provide at least one reference from a previous campaign.

2.2. Please provide a proposed strategy for this project.

2.2.1. Provide an approximately one-page narrative explaining your strategy and how you will optimize the campaign’s performance to maximize impressions. What type of monitoring and adjustments will you do? How will you allocate resources to different advertising methods?

2.3. Name the primary people who will be working on the campaign and include their professional credentials.

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