Iowa Department of Transportation Issues Marketing RFP

Iowa Department of Transportation Issues Marketing RFP

The Iowa DOT is seeking a full-service agency for marketing and communications to support the Zero Fatalities Program through various types of media. The objective of the overall program is to increase awareness and positively impact driver behavior related to traffic safety to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on Iowa roadways.


Iowa’s traffic safety goal is” zero” fatalities. The Zero Fatalities program began in 2014 as a united effort between the Iowa Departments of Transportation, Public Safety and Public Health. This program targets behaviors such as speeding, drowsy driving, distracted driving, impaired driving and not buckling up that contribute to fatalities on Iowa roads. This extensive statewide public education program is designed to convince adults, teens, children, community, business and political leaders why today’s driving behaviors need to change. The Iowa DOT will provide collected data and guidance on demographics, geotargets and specific behaviors for each campaign flight. A flight will be those types of design and services for a specific topic.

Scope of Work:

The Iowa DOT is seeking a service provider to collaborate with and to coordinate marketing and communications efforts as well as develop and introduce new ideas and innovative tactics to the process.

                Planning & Strategy

  • Conduct, or support conducting, primary market research as needed to identify and characterize strategies and tactics to achieve Iowa DOT’s marketing and communications objectives for Zero Fatalities based on identified target audiences and driver behavior subject   matter. In collaboration with Iowa DOT, develop a comprehensive annual marketing and   communications “Strategic Plan” to meet stated goals and objectives and including recommendations for key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Follow and recommend application of industry trends or insights to support periodic   adjustments to the Strategic Plan or take advantage of unique opportunities.
  • Assign a project manager or project support for all initiatives within purview, including detailed and regular status and KPI reporting.
  • Work with existing and help identify new partners with needed marketing and communications strengths.

                Content Development, Marketing, and Measurement

  • Recommend and manage an integrated approach to content marketing to ensure synergies between each aspect of the Strategic Plan.
  • Develop compelling content tailored for the appropriate audiences and the appropriate mediums to work towards stated objectives.
  • Work with Iowa DOT staff to measure and report on content performance against KPIs, recommending adjustments as needed to expand outreach and drive understanding and adoption of messaging.

                Media and Influencer Relations

  • Identify, monitor and build relationships with media providers– traditional and new – essential to reaching targeted audiences.
  • Prepare and pitch proactive, positive stories that help meet marketing and communication objectives.
  • Recommend and successfully broker contractual relationships with influencers whose third-party endorsement, authored/created content or reviews enhance the value and visibility of Iowa DOT’s messages.

                Advertising Services

  • Recommend and implement a media mix, including print, television, radio broadcasts, digital and social channels to be defined by the Responder, that supports that Strategic Plan.
  • Collect and analyze metrics against KPIs and recommend periodic adjustments to optimize overall advertising performance.
  • Follow and recommend any adjustments to advertise based on trends, emerging products and/or unique opportunities.
  • Working with the Iowa DOT’s Office of Strategic Communications to plan, propose, implement,             and measure a cooperative marketing program involving multiple traffic safety stakeholders.
  • Manage administrative aspects of media buy from negotiation to measurement, including the budget, timing, submitting artwork, meeting deadlines and reporting progress or adjustments in a timely fashion.

                Creative Services

In collaboration with Iowa DOT:

  • Determine the best approach for different channels as defined by the Responder and audiences to deliver on KPIs.
  • At the direction of the Iowa DOT develop creative concepts and execution strategies for a       variety of mediums based on the agreed-upon channels, including graphic design for print, web and social, video production for web, social and broadcast and ad copywriting.
  • Follow and implement trends, new tools and new technologies in creative services and design recommendations and applications.

                Social Media

In collaboration with Iowa DOT:

  • Provide recommendations for leveraging social media in support of the Strategic Plan.
  • Follow the evolving profile of current and new social media channels as defined by the Responder and best practices for engaging in and providing recommendations regarding any adjustments to deliver on social media-related KPIs.
  • Provide support in developing both written and visual messages for social media as needed.
  • To share in the implementation of social media strategies.

                Market Research

  • Conduct periodic surveys to determine driver behavior attitudes and awareness of marketing messages. The Successful Responder will make recommendations of survey content and frequency based on previous research activities.

Due Date:

November 14



Iowa Department of Transportation

Purchasing Section Attn: Rhonda Ruark

800 Lincoln Way

Ames, Iowa 50010

Relevant PR firms include APCO Worldwide and Ketchum PR.

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