IOWA Economic Development Authority Issues Marketing RFP

IEDA is seeking proposals from qualified experienced entities for the planning and execution of its strategic marketing and communication efforts. IEDA Marketing and Communications Efforts IEDA’s Marketing and Communications Division, which includes the Iowa Tourism Office, is charged with promoting Iowa’s business climate, quality of life, and its special places/experiences to help drive economic growth through business and community development and visitor spending. IEDA’s efforts have spanned a variety of channels, including: advertising, web content and development, collateral materials, direct marketing (including direct mail, conferences and other special events), database and automated marketing (including e-communication), social media and media relations

Scope of Work:


The vendor will be charged with documenting the success toward measurable goals for each of the following objectives:

1. Support new and existing business growth by increasing awareness of Iowa’s benefits as a place to live, work and do business.

2. Champion efforts to attract and retain Iowans through the promotion of housing opportunities for families and communities.

3. Grow the state’s economic benefit from travel expenditures by inspiring more visits to and within Iowa.

4. Generate support and advocacy for IEDA’s programs by increasing understanding of how they generate beneficial economic activity and improve communities for the state and its citizens.

Target Audiences. 

Target audiences for IEDA’s marketing and communication efforts include the following:

1. Business influencers, including executives in target industries (biosciences, insurance/financial services, advanced manufacturing and information technology as it relates to these industries), either currently based in, or considering relocating to, Iowa; site selection consultants and service providers; and economic development professionals.

2. Job seekers, including those who might relocate to Iowa (e.g., former residents or students in target industries, or veterans who would benefit from the Home Base Iowa program) and graduating students who would consider building their careers in Iowa. 

3. Tourists, including current residents of, and those interested in visiting, Iowa as well as business influencers and job seekers investigating potential growth in, or considering a move to, Iowa.

4. Stakeholders in Iowa who have an interest in attracting more visitors and residents from out of state and increasing quality of life for Iowans, including business, tourism and community development groups.

Due Date:

June 15, 2021 / 4:00 PM CST


1963 Bell Avenue, Suite 200, Des Moines, IA 50315

Agencies to consider include Zeno Group and Prosek Partners.

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