Jason Binn: The Business Acumen And King Of Relationships

jason binn

Jason Binn, the founder of several luxury magazines, is widely regarded as a publishing guru and is truly the king of high level relationships.  He’s smart, well networked and an entrepreneurial genius.

Naturally, Binn is the recipient of various awards, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Reports show his publications earned millions in annual revenues. In 1998, Binn founded Niche Media, which operated magazines like Gotham, Hamptons, and Aspen Peak. The businessman later sold the media empire to the Greenspun Media Group before founding the Du Jour magazine, and many attribute Binn’s success to his ability to connect with influential individuals.

Who is Jason Binn?

Jason routinely distributed copies of his publications at Niche Media’s social events. He said, “I’ll sit at the door [with copies], I’m never the guy in the party.” He maximized publicity for the publication through close connections with celebrities, but many view his attention to detail as one of the reasons for his company’s phenomenal growth. The publications survived the competition from internet-based publishers. Industry experts link the resilience to the empire’s focus on local flavor and focused readership base.

One of Niche Media’s former clients, Terri Eagle, noted that Jason Binn always made customers happy. He believed in removing barriers between the editorial, audience, and advertisers. The media guru combined the three elements to form an intimate social circle. He made everyone feel like an insider to boost levels of trust and support and In the process, magazines like the Hamptons benefited immensely from the close-knit network.

Jason Binn at Du Jour

At Du Jour, Jason continues to implement similar strategies that worked with Niche Media publications. He maximizes revenue through controlled circulation, printing specialized editions for specific markets. The publication targets readers who qualify in five of seven criteria with readership mainly being high-net-worth individuals. In turn, this helps attract clients with huge advertising budgets. The magazine also derives strengths from strategic partnerships and its appearance.

Some of the partnerships adding value to Du Jour provide the publication with vital user data they use to target prospective readers. High-net-worth individuals opt-in to the magazine’s events and offerings. More importantly, the invitations consider the likelihood of the readers buying from its advertisers. Experts highlight the contribution of these strategies to the publication’s success, but Jason Frederick Binn credits the success to his mentors, including James Esposito of Goldman Sachs.

Niche Media

Under Binn, Niche Media’s flagship publications were responsible for breaking many major stories. The media firm successfully organized an exclusive interview with Dennis Rodman following his meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un and Jason taps into the power of imagery and social media to attract new readers. There is no doubt that whatever changes occur in publishing – or other industries – Jason Binn will continue to shine and win in a major way.

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