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In just five short years, Jennifer Bett Communications is growing into a leading media agency. This year, JBC claimed the impressive feat of being 42nd in the top 50 PR power list (four places higher than in 2018).  In today’s PR world, where multidimensional strategies are king, it means media agencies have to move away from cookie-cutter strategies to craft effective brand messaging. And, most importantly, they need to be able to infuse creativity and storytelling in the launching and scaling of brands.

When crafting these individual brand strategies, PR firms need to abandon the one-size-fits-all strategy. Each brand has different needs. JBC recognizes key differentiators to base their storytelling and, since brands have unique messaging needs, their team tailors story-telling strategies for each brand and conveys messages that the media responds to, to meets each brand’s needs to enhance its competitive edge.

Diversify media presence

In the last five years alone, the value of different media has changed a great deal. The truth is that today’s consumers source their information from a variety of channels. From podcasts to social media, today’s consumer taps into a variety of sources before making a decision to purchase. To keep up with this trend, brands need to follow their consumers and tap into non-traditional and evolving media like podcasts and social media.

Not only will adopting these non-traditional strategies increase their reach, they will also enable brands to identify messaging trends that reach consumers more effectively.

Talent in today’s media landscape

In communication agencies, talent is an invaluable resource. In fact, hiring and retaining talent in the industry can make or break an agency. Unlike traditional PR firms, JBC’s hiring process seeks communication specialists, who are savvy with the dynamic media landscape, the unique manner in which consumers interact with media, and the manner in which thought leaders influence brand communication.

It’s important that talent hired in PR firms is conversant with a diversity of outreach strategies, which means PR firms need to hire talent that’s holistic in nature and that recognizes the importance of prioritizing a diverse array of non-conventional media. That said, hiring staff that are savvy with changes in today’s media landscape is an important facet in increasing the chances of success in today’s PR firms.

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