Josephine County Issues RFP For Website Redesign

Josephine County Issues RFP For Website Redesign

Josephine County is requesting proposals for a redesign of its current website ( The new website should have a modern, responsive design that leverages the rebranding effort currently underway. Josephine County desires a long term relationship with a design company that connects with and empowers our citizens. The winning design will be inviting, easy to navigate and update, well organized, and will meet all current accessibility requirements.


Josephine County has approximately 430 employees in 30 departments that provide services to the people of a community of 80,000 Oregon residents. The County has diverse areas of responsibility, from providing health services to running local airports. The County is attempting to unify and improve its messaging as an Oregon County, while at the same time communicating as departments that provide unique services to sometimes different groups of constituents. Concurrently, the County is moving forward with a brand development effort and has recently hired a Web and Public Information Coordinator in order to better communicate with its constituency.

The current website was developed with Site-in-a-Box. It is easy to maintain and edit content but is not currently responsive and is lacking in some of the modern features available in the marketplace. More than 50% of the time our site is accessed through mobile devices. The current site is maintained by the departments with some development by the vendor. The County’s Web and Public Information Coordinator will be responsible for some County content but the departments will maintain forms and routine public information. The site contains about 1000 pages but the County is looking for ways to create a more concise, organized, and readily searchable experience.

Scope of Work:

  • Review the current Josephine County website for content structure and provide recommendations on informational presentation and design format. Review and incorporate recommendations of Slate Communications Branding Report (to be completed January 2019) and Design Element Changes.
  • Within one month of contract award, participate in stakeholder discussions with Josephine County staff to determine end usability requirements.
  • Create and deliver a web solution to help better organize/manage current content, optimize current tasks, improve overall usability and legally mandated accessibility, and accommodate future growth.
  • Create and deliver a prototype of the site for Josephine County to evaluate and refine design concepts and site navigation.
  • Provide wireframes for each of the following County functions and any additional pages or vendor features as requested:

                                a. The website home page including search functionality;

                                b. An interior landing page;

                                c. An intranet page;

                                d. An emergency home page;

                                e. An emergency intranet page;

                                f. Meeting/Events page, e.g., Board Meetings, Events, etc.;

                                g. An “About Us” page describing all County services;

                                h. A calendar page;

                                i. FAQ page(s)

                                j. Subscription and Customer Contact portal

                                k. Site MapProvide a minimum of three rounds of revisions for each wireframe based on Josephine County feedback.

  • Conduct testing of the selected design and navigation elements with a select group of Josephine County staff.
  • Provide all final code, design files, art work, visuals and editorial content.
  • Design guide (colors, fonts, decorative elements, photo permissions, photo credits, special instructions). The final product should accomplish the following:

                                a) Provide for a consistent look and feel to all pages (fonts, graphics and brand color schemes as recommended by branding project);

                                b) Have a modern, contemporary design;

                                c) Design within Bootstrap Framework

                                d) Provide easy navigation between pages and devices;

                                e) Be optimized for use on multiple devices (e.g. desktop, tablet, and mobile);

                                f) Offer compatibility across all modern desktop and mobile browsers and social media integration;

                                g) Comply with all federal/state requirements relating to website accessibility at a Level A or AA based on U.S. Access Board’s rules approved in 2017; including 36 CFR Section D1194.22; and W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1; and

                                h) Ensure accessibility of non-HTML content, including but not limited to PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Adobe Flash content.

  • The final product should have the following minimum capabilities and functions:

                                a) Provide single user unique sign-in and site access that is trackable and reportable;

                                b) Allow Josephine County designated staff to limit or restrict site access by user;

                                c) Allow Josephine County to monitor site usage, both through a numerical counter of  “hits” and through a database capturing entrances to the site by users using tools such as Google Analytics;

                                d) Allow Josephine County to monitor administrative site usage by logging changes and updates made by Josephine County employees;

                                e) Provide the capability to translate entire website content language;

                                f) Provide the ability to revert any changes or updates made by Josephine County employees within the admin site of website;

                                g) Provide Search Engine Optimization;

                                h) Provide the ability to set start/end dates on website content;

                                i) Provide a daily/monthly report of broken website links;

                                j) Provide the ability to convert PDF documents to online forms;

                                k) Provide electronic signature capabilities;

                                l) Provide users with the ability to conduct an internal search of the site’s content;

                                m) Provide a content spellchecker;

                                n) Provide users with the ability to download files in their native format;

                                o) Allow users to submit forms to Josephine County via the site;

                                p) Allow users to create surveys and extract survey results in multiple formats (e.g. Excel, CSV);

                                q) Allow for 3rd party integrations tools;

                                r) Content management system to be designed in open-source environment or otherwise allows for easy migration of content should either party ends the relationship.

Due Date:

December 23 


Agencies with relevant experience includes Coyne PR and Zeno Group.

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