Government of Kenya Wants More Tax Money & Thinks PR Can Help

Kenya Revenue Authority

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is mandated on behalf of the Republic of Kenya to collect, account for and administer laws related to tax. They are seeking a PR Agency to facilitate the evolution and business-friendly nature of Kenya – and stress the importance of taxes. The mission of said assignment is to increase the willingness of people to pay taxes, and to show how taxes helps the economic wellbeing of the country.

The principal objective of the consultancy is to provide continued communication on the progress on the implementation of KRA’s programs and  to  enhance  the  levels  of  awareness  and  confidence  among  the  KRA’s various stakeholders.  The government hopes a successful campaign will encourage heightened awareness and compliance with tax codes.

The campaign includes:

  • Development and execution of Integrated Marketing Communications for all KRA services related to revenue collection & trade facilitation.
  • Strategic Public Relations for all KRA activities at corporate and business level.
  • Special programs for key stakeholders in line with the KRA’s mandate.
  • Provide corporate communication services with the aim of building brand awareness and equity at both corporate and service line level.

The KRA is looking to retain a full-service PR agency to:

  • Undertake a brand audit on the KRA Corporate brand and other service brands in the authority.
  • Develop a brand architecture and framework aligning the Authority’s communication.
  • Review, propose and execute branding plan for the Authority.
  • Develop and implement communication strategies for the business units in the Authority and for the corporate brand.
  • Broaden the scope of positive press awareness and coverage to a wider and relevant group of print and broadcast media.

The goal of the organization is to promote the compliance to tax payment and to enhance in trade facilitation and border security. The assignment will primarily focus on the promotion of KRA, its key service offering and the critical role the Authority plays in the country’s economy among its target audiences. It will also consist of communicating the Authorities milestones and benefits of paying taxes to all stakeholders.

KRA is looking for the services of a professional firm to develop communication that will provide compelling  and  believable  messages  that  promote  taxpayer education, KRA’s products and awareness on the Authority’s mandate, enhance voluntary compliance by all, enhance a sense of ownership of paying taxes among Kenyans and more, via  a wide ranging PR & communications program.

The wide ranging assignment will include:

  • Public Affairs – to engage key stakeholders and lobby for awareness of KRA.
  • Media Relations – Facilitate better interaction with the media. This will include open engagements through formal and informal sessions with key media practitioners, i.e. editorial heads, media owners, business/industry journalists. Opportunistic activities (News Bureau).
  • Media Training – Design and deliver an effective media training program to prepare key resource(s) within KRA to have a better spokesperson(s) by improving their understanding on how to work with media more effectively

Digital Communication

  • Develop a digital  strategy for the brand in alignment with the communication strategy.
  • Communicate and engage with the audience on the social networks – Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and other emerging channels.
  • Populate the online networks with information & content related to the brand.

The RFP is due by January 29, 2016 and should be submitted to:

Ag. Deputy Commissioner-Procurement & Supplies Services

Times Tower Building, 25th Floor, P.O Box 48240– 00100 GPO, Tel. +254 020 310900

Nairobi, Kenya. Email: website:

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