Kenya Tourism Board Issues Digital Media RFP

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is looking for a partner in Communication that will work closely with them in the implementation of the Destination Kenya Marketing Strategy in its priority markets. KTB seeks one single company, capable of offering Integrated Communications services such as branding, advertising, public relations, digital marketing and media buying. The selected company will work with KTB to achieve the Communication goal and objectives established in Destination Kenya’s Marketing Strategy.


Kenya’s best performing index in the global front is awareness, which sits at 55% against a global index of 66% (County Brand Index 2014). The conversion rate is 7% against the global index of 34% which denotes a lack of familiarity and consideration for the destination. This indicates that the destination drops off the list for planned visits for most of our potential visitors when considering their next destination for a holiday. Our second highest performing index is advocacy which is the last step in successful destination marketing. Magical Kenya’s index sits at 84.81% against CBI index of 76.38%. while this is good news the base is smaller compared to the awareness base mentioned above given the low conversion rate of 7%.

Magical Kenya must grow the familiarity index (what do you know about Kenya?) and associations (what other brands, events etc do you associate with Kenya?) through communication solutions for the destination to enhance its image and attain the necessary interest to be shortlisted as the next destination for a holiday. Given the exponential growth that digital and social media channels continue to experience and ease with which the internet provides positive or negative information about a destination brand, clear advertising messaging, consistent use of brand rational and emotional benefits in positioning of the destination brand are necessary to cut through the ‘noise’ and establish a strong brand message for Kenya. The brand identity prism below illustrates this further.

Globally, visibility and communication messaging are guiding destinations in shaping brand differentiation, brand promise and influencing tourists to list and select them as bucket list experiences.

The following are additional issues that can be considered:

  • Underperforming in most brand measures except for advocacy.
  • No image of Kenya beyond safari.
  • Negatively associated with perceived insecurity, low value for money, crowded, mass tourism, lack of infrastructure, etc.
  • Positively associated to friendly people and beautiful landscapes.
  • General positioning relies on rational aspects intrinsically related to nature and generic attributes (beautiful), which are very similar to other destinations.
  • safari, positioning is also too generic

Scope of Work:

Big idea creativity, communication strategy and content creation

  • Kenya’s brand has to be led by a concept that summarizes the essence of its unique selling proposition, the reason why travelling to Kenya is a must. KTB wants to have Magical Kenya’s brand ‘Big idea’ and its communication strategy. The Big idea will be unfolded in integrated offline and online communication elements and in an executable communication plan/programme.

                (a) Big idea creativity

-Develop the Big idea. It should hold the audience’s attention, stimulate the mind, and stir emotions. It should be simple and easy to understand. Kenya’s Big Idea will be the “umbrella” message throughout the brand communication system.

                (b) Communication strategy (Social Media and Digital) & offline – Traditional and OOH)

                -Define the communication axis. The main benefit that will be communicated to the audiences.

                -Develop the strategic messaging. A messages ecosystem that provides enough diversity for     different markets, customer, segments, and products (travel motivations).

                -Establish the tone. Proposed tone of voice to be used in communication to help audiences        connect specific words or ideas to Kenya in a desired way.

                (c) Communication plan

                -Highlight precise targets for the following three years.

                -Develop an editorial calendar.

                -Identify media channels and activities that are most appropriate to communicate the key           messages to the target audiences. It will be necessary to consider owned, paid and earned           media.

                -Develop the necessary communication pieces for the execution of the plan.

                (d) Collateral design and production (Content creation)

                -Design and produce communication elements (printed, digital, video, photos, stories, flyers,    stand booth for expos, etc.)

  • Advertising

                (a) Media plan & programme (for paid media)

-The awarded company will develop the media plan for all the paid advertising considered in online and offline channels.

                -The company will deliver a media chronogram including:

                -Media type

                -Media name

                -Targeted audience (customer segment and city)

                -Format (size or length)


                -Timeframe (Start and end date)

                -Week days

                -For offline media: Gross rate point (GRP), Cost per rating point (CPR), Opportunity to See (OTS),             other considered relevant. (Provide only Certified Data by a recognized institution)

                -For online media: Cost per click (CPC) /Cost per impressions (CPM), other considered relevant.

                (b) Communication pieces’ adaptation (printed, digital, video, photos, stories, etc.)

                -Produce the final arts adaptations of different communication pieces with the required              specifications of each media.

  • Digital marketing Services

                Kenya should take advantage of the latest technologies, insights, and opportunities that digital                 marketing can offer. With that in mind, the scope of services includes:

                (a) Website

                -Review and update the look & feel, layout designs, navigation tree, etc.

                -Review all its features and add the latest functionalities such as personalization tools, user-       generated content mechanisms, trip planning, shop, etc.) according to KTB’s requirements.

                -Activate the different microsites and platforms (detailed in the marketing plan), according to   KTB’s requirements and implementation planning.

                -Update the web with frequently inspiring and informative high-quality multimedia content for                consumers, trade and media.

                -Optimize the web implementing an SEO strategy (internal and external).

                (b) Social Media

                -Set up a multi-language social media centralised strategy aligned with the Marketing Strategy and Plan and the source markets prioritisation.

                -Post own content following the editorial calendar.

                -Stimulate, manage and leverage the creation of attractive user-generated content to activate                 highly emotional, personal, and credible inputs.

                (c) Mobile

                -Provide an engaging, modern, mobile app for visitors to reference Kenya’s local attractions, a calendar of events, places, maps, etc.

                -Review the use of latest mobile technologies enhancing the user experience, like augmented                 reality, audio-visual guidance, gaming approaches, etc.; to add the most convenient features in               Magical Kenya’s app.

                (d) Reporting

                -Monitor frequently performance and engagement indicators.

                -Prepare and deliver Monthly, quarterly and annual reports so the KTB has an informed way to                 allocate resources and make decisions on which actions to push further or restrain.

                -Prepare and deliver post event reports

                -Any other reports as may be required by client.

  • Media buying

                The awarded company will be responsible for the development of a media strategy,      implementation of the Media Plan (for online & offline paid communication), including the        media buying.

                (a) Media plan execution

                The selected company will implement the advertising campaigns in selected media, after             approvals by KTB

                (b) Reporting

                The company must provide regular reports evaluating the performance of each campaign,          including the most relevant indicators (GRP, CTR, and others considered relevant).

Due Date:

January 15th, 2019




P.O. BOX 30630-00100


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