Kenya Tourism Issues Marketing RFP

Nairobi kenya seeks public relations and media communications agency

Kenya Tourism Board has issued a marketing RFP.  The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is looking for destination marketing agencies that will work closely with them in the implementation of the Kenyan Marketing Strategy 2017-2020, with the trade, in its priority markets.

Scope of Work:

1. Strategic planning and project management

Annual Market Development Plan

Considering Kenya Tourism Marketing Strategy 2017-2020 and other key strategic reports provided by KTB, the selected Respondent will create a strategy and action plan for the year ahead. The strategy & plan will include  the main B2B goals for the specific market, current situation, most important challenges and opportunities to reach the goals. It will then define:

  1. The strategy directions to address challenges and opportunities,
  2. Strategic objectives, KPIs / targets,
  3. Suggested activities to be implemented to reach the target within the timeline.

This Plan will be discussed and approved by the KTB before implementation within the territory. The selected Respondent must collaborate with KTB to provide roadmaps before the implementation of each individual project or activity, outlining the goal(s), objectives, audience, strategies, budget, measure and target to evaluate the success of the activity or project.

2. Market Intelligence

Research will be utilized fully to make fact-based sales, marketing and operational decisions.

Annual market analysis

This annual top-line report aims at providing an assessment of the market along the year providing both, qualitative and quantitative data to stay current with partners’ needs, competition and industry trends. It will specifically include:

  1. Performance in number of arrivals and spending compared to the former year
  2. Travel industry trends affecting the market, risks and opportunities associated
  3. Recommendations on product development within the different market segments (i.e. nature & wildlife, sun & beach, sports, adventure, culture & heritage, etc.) Kenya is currently competing based on tour operators’ input along the year.
  4. Evaluation of the trade micro-site (important sales tool for the travel industry) and recommendations for changes and additional information
  5. Actions performed by competitors that should be considered for the year ahead

The selected Respondent shall gather the above information by conducting online surveys and personal interviews with different trade stakeholders, as well as analyzing market data from available sources.

3. Industry relations

Regular support to partners

Network and nurture alliances with partners and collaborators by a) providing them with up to date information and content on Kenya and b) facilitating their requirements meetings both in person and/or remotely using current online presentation applications.

Engagement with trade associations within the territory should only be driven by leveraging on the associations platforms to enhance Kenya’s presence and preference.

Customer relationship management system

Manage and maintain a current ABC list of partners and collaborators (travel agencies, special interest tour operators, mainstream tour operators, air carriers, etc.). Track all trade-related communication and measure the success of all outreach efforts.

4. Cooperative marketing

Identify and facilitate industry opportunities and partnerships beyond the travel category leveraging the Kenya brand.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with airlines and airports to  support route development.
  • Develop industry-driven content that promotes the value of a KTB Partnership.

Due Date:

June 27 to:


Kenya Tourism Board
P.O. Box 30630 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: (020) 2711 262/2749 000


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