Kickstarter Campaign For Solar Powered, Water-Proof Speakers Gains Major Traction

California Lemon1California Lemon2

Sometimes we see a product and we just say WOW! This is one of those times a product is sure to revolutionize a category, which is saying something given how cluttered the wireless speaker category is.

LEMON has just created the most advanced solar powered, smart wireless speaker available and it is simply amazing. Their new speaker, California Roll, is the world’s first waterproof, solar powered speaker, and combines top of the line sound quality with voice activated technology.

It runs on solar power using NASA developed technology – contributing to a more sustainable planet – while still boasting amazing sound quality. This means no more cords and cables for electronic devices – no more need for chargers and as the inventor says, “LEMON was born under the water and regenerates under the sun.”

The speaker has a “DJ Mode” which allows three Bluetooth enabled devices to control music simultaneously.

The speaker is completely waterproof, with it able to be completely submerged in water without suffering any damages, along with a removable steel D-Ring and waterproof rubber membrane to absorb shock and sound vibrations. This is the music solution for outdoor enthusiasts, beach partiers, festival goers and every day users.

We pledged enough to land a few super early bird Lemon California Rolls via Kickstarter here. Cool beans.

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