KWT Global: Agency Profile

A New York City-based company, KWT Global is a brand strategy and public relations agency. With headquarters in New York City, NY, KWT has offices in 4 cities across the United States and the United Kingdom. This agency offers services to clients in multiple industries, and some of their clients of note include, Cirque du Soleil and PayPal. The goal of KWT is to help clients put their best foot forward with both customers, and surrounding or competing businesses alike.

Formerly known as Kwittken Global, KWT is currently a member of MDC Partners’ Doner Partners Network.

Services offered by KWT

KWT offers a wide variety of services, with the focus being on providing clients with the professionalism of a large scale company and combining it with the entrepreneurialism, flexibility and wide industry knowledge of a smaller boutique agency. KWT offers brand strategy and planning, crisis management and media relations, to name a few specialties of the firm.

#1 – Brand strategy and planning 

With a focus on attracting new opportunities and talent, KWT aims to shift business strategy and refresh or renew brand platforms for clients.

#2 – Crisis management 

KWT employs an elite Special Situations Group who knows that brands work a lifetime to build a reputation that can be damaged in mere seconds. This team works to protect brands’ reputations for their clients.

#3 – Media relations 

Given how drastically the landscape of mainstream media is changing, KWT offers a focus on building unique storytelling and press management.


With accolades going back for years, here are several noteworthy, recent awards that KWT Global has won.

In 2019, KWT was a winner of 2 Shorty awards. One was in the LGBTQ Community Engagement category, for the firm’s work on the OKCupid DTFix Dating campaign. The campaign with OKCupid was also a finalist for best in web-based business at the 2019 America SABRE Awards, after the agency helped launch the site’s newest profile features. KWT also received the Gold Distinction in the Non-Profit category for the agency’s support of the ALS Association’s Project Revoice. Working alongside the ALS Association, KWT Global helped launch Project Revoice, a program aimed to give a beloved member of the ALS community his “own” voice back, having lost the ability to speak due to their condition.

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