La Crosse Regional Airport Issues Marketing RFP

La Crosse Regional Airport Issues Marketing Services RFP

The purpose of this RFP is to award a contract for services to provide the La Crosse Regional Airport (LSE) On Call Services as requested covering advertising, marketing, social media marketing, website enrichment, brand development, creative development, media buying and market research management for five years (with a 30 day opt out notification), focused on the continual development of an established distinctive brand that will resonate with visitors, residents, stakeholders and the community.

The professional company must implement a results-oriented strategy coupled with a winning strategy for execution.


The La Crosse Regional Airport is your airport. Economic studies show the Coulee Region has the passenger volume to provide additional air service, but needs residents and businesses to recognize the airport as valuable resource and use its services.

The La Crosse Regional Airport serves a wide geographic area including the following counties: La Crosse, Winona, Monroe, Vernon, Trempealeau, Jackson, Houston, Richland, Crawford, Allamakee, and beyond! Whether you are a leisure traveler or business traveler all we ask is that you at least consider flying LSE before choosing an alternative airport.

LSE understands ticket prices can sway a passenger’s decision about where to fly, but when the true cost of a trip is taken into consideration (driving, parking rates, wear and tear on your vehicle, meals, overnight stays, and not to mention what your time is worth) flying La Crosse Regional Airport can be less expensive. LSE offers a Low Stress Experience at a reasonable price.

As more people fly local, La Crosse Regional Airport increases its chances of additional flight options and service to new destinations.  Supporting important local assets, such as the La Crosse Regional Airport, ensures that LSE remains a vital component of our community.

Book your flight today and enjoy the Low Stress Experience that La Crosse Regional Airport has to offer.

La Crosse Regional Airport places high value on customer experience. Whether coming or going, at LSE we believe it’s our job to welcome you or send you off with a Low Stress Experience. How well are we meeting your expectations? Let us know!

By sharing your experience with us, you can help us maintain the highest level of customer service.

Scope of Work:

Marketing and Brand Development & Management

  • LSE desires to engage a consultant with proven experience to lead a comprehensive review of existing marketing practices, assist in developing a comprehensive marketing and branding plan, and recommend appropriate media channels. The selected contractor shall develop and submit for approval a marketing strategy, including creative concepts for a campaign with slogans, themes, graphics and visual elements for print, electronic media, social media and word of mouth applications.
  • The Contractor must be able to develop and maintain an insightful description of the target customer groups for the airport. In addition, the contractor must be experienced in developing: a brand promise, brand positioning maps, a category frame of reference, customer touch points design and qualitative research techniques including: projective, laddering, guided imagery. The Contractor must be able to leverage current brand strategies as well as develop additional strategies and platforms to ensure word of mouth exposures, non-traditional media deliveries, increased customer loyalties and increase market share.

                Creative Element Design and Production

  • The contractor will translate creative concepts to produce print and electronic materials, allowing LSE adequate time for review and approval.
  • The contractor must submit written production estimates to the LSE Marketing and Communications Manager prior to production. Services may include producing both static and moving creative for print materials, digital ads, website content, social media campaigns, TV commercials, and radio scripts. Contractor will provide all necessary talent. The Airport will approve all formats, talent, scripts and locations in advance.

                Media Planning and Buying / Securing Value-Added Exposure

  • The selected contractor will create and submit for approval a comprehensive media plan designed to reach proposed target audiences through advertising and media placements in venues such as print, outdoor, television, radio, web, social media, advertorials, or other event/location marketing locations. Submittal shall include details of methodology, reach, and frequency goals.
  • The contractor must be able to work directly with media providers to obtain additional value-added exposure concurrent with key media buys which can include: advertorials, web advertising, program or event sponsorships, printed inserts, logo sharing, social media promotions, or other programs or services that directly provide additional exposure above and beyond the original media buy.

                Market Research & Evaluation

  • The contractor must be able to manage the collection and evaluation of attitudinal research, pre-test and/or post test, or other customer research. Examples of research tools would be: focus groups, interviews, panels, written, phone, mail, email or web-based surveys. Contractor must be able to ensure that data is collected, tabulated, summarized, and analyzed for presentation.

                Social Media Development

  • The Contractor should be able to develop and execute a clearly defined social media strategy, building off of current established strategies and vehicles that directly support marketing and customer engagement initiatives. Contractor will be responsible for evaluating, planning, organizing, and contributing to all social media channels. Routine measurement of effectiveness and engagement is essential.

Due Date:

February 27th, 2019


Airport Administration Office

2850 Airport Road

La Crosse, WI 54603

MWWPR and Finn Partners have relevant experience.

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